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  • No, that's a great docu which handily is on Netflix.
    It was 'Chains' we got, about hard climbs in Scotland during the 2010 season.

  • My wife was given these

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  • I was given these

  • The female is more deadly than the male

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  • His&Hers jack russell/great dane pooper scoopers?

  • Lice combs?

  • Bottle of aberlour, bottle of Auchentoshan American Oak, bottle of Speyside, one of these­erproof-pouch/ and some cash to make a dent in my overdraft. Happy with that.

  • Condor Bibs, Penhaligons perfume, all saints clothes, cirque du soleil tickets, Bluetooth headphones. So pleased and grateful

  • Fred Perry track top
    Sean Locke tickets
    Bicycle shaped pizza cutter
    Wetherspoons gift card 😂
    Beard soap
    50 quid cash from the boss
    Some ale

    Very happy

  • Newfangled, re-engineered knuckledusters producing at least 40% more injury?

    Combs for giant nits?

    Rakes for a miniature zen garden?

  • Badger paws for leaves?
    Bear claws for meat?

  • When you build a smoker capable of doing a whole buffalo in one you could pull it with the big uns..

  • Good reading

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  • My dad got me an amaretto making kit, makes 6 x 750ml bottles. Got bottle of Mikkeller Spontannelson, Burning Sky's imperial stout and a De Molen imperial Stout. Cat socks, new bottle capper for my homebrew, £40 in Waterstones vouchers, couple of books (grief is the thing with feathers and secret lives of colour), Gordon's gin glass gift set, and some booja booja truffles.

  • Ooh that pouch looks sexy

  • Chocolade, bottle of Maker's Mark from my wife, bottle of Maker's 46 from friends, book about music and Alfredo Gonzales socks. Wife and friends did well with the booze.

  • Bacon curing kit and a chesse making kit. A taco cookbook and a burrito one too. And a brisket BBQ course.

  • I'm pretty impressed with it, it smells like a Barbour.

  • Batman The Long Halloween
    Batman The Dark Knight Returns
    Havana Club Especial
    The Iron Giant (blu ray)
    The Lost Boys Trilogy (who knew they made sequels?!)
    Beard nonsense
    Cash money (spent on a GoPro Hero+)

    Wife and I bought Cineworld passes recently instead of Christmas presents to reach other

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Show us your loot

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