Ritchey Road Logic Frame + Fork - 51cm

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  • I'm an idiot and ordered the wrong sized frame and it took ages to get here, and now it's going to cost me 70 quid to get it exchanged. It's still boxed and wrapped up. So instead I thought I'd see if there is any interest on here. I'd like to get what I paid for it, more or less minus 20 quid for being an idiot.


    Unless someone has a cheap shipping return option (to France, Acycles)?

  • Merry christmas someone.

  • £70 seems steep for shipping a frame to France. You tried looking in websites like parcel monkey or parcel2go?

  • postagesupermarket.com

  • Don't want to be a dick here but how did you find out that it's not your size without having to ride it? (I'll assume you haven't ridden it yet as it's still wrapped as you have mentioned) with the geometry being readily available online and all that.

    For 650,im actually tempted tbh. Been looking for this frame to show up in the forums for a while now. Being close to Xmas, funds are really running low as I had to get people I barely talk to some gifts... Will need to check with the missus if she can loan me some money.

  • ^ classic dick comment

  • I had been debating between going 1 smaller and bigger. I'm always in between sizes (even though I'm 5'5"). And it took Acycles 2 months to ship, and by the time I had worked out that I should go smaller (in line with the advice I received from @pacef8) they couldn't do anything about the shipment (was coming directly from Ritchey).

    Happy to take counsel from other Ritchey owners.

    I supposed I could build it up and see. But my gut says it needs to go back.

  • @r_mash in London?

  • @picco - sort of (half in Cambridge/half in London)

  • what size do you need instead?

    I'll have a brand new and un ridden 53 Road Logic f&f with a fancy custom paintjob for sale sometime in the new year.


  • @hoops 49cm :(

    ps. amazing instagram!

  • Hmmm, never sure on the ritchey sizing. 5'9", bit t Rex and about as flexible as a Vodafone business contract

  • And Acycles are massive cunts

  • I know, they were a total pain which is why I don't fancy dealing with them for the exchange.

  • I thought you sold that?!

    Just looked at pic. What the..
    I would have bought that :)

  • Different frame! New stock I've got in recently.

  • Buyer ;)

  • Seller...

  • this is heartwarming.

  • No longer for sale. Got it shipped off for cheap. ipostparcels.com was cheapest in case anyone was wondering.

    @hoops how much do you charge for your custom paint jobs?

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Ritchey Road Logic Frame + Fork - 51cm

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