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  • If anyone's going to sell/ selling a retro MTB, please let me know. I'd be looking at a 16-18 inch frame, fair-good condition and I would by just a frame and forks... would love a GT Zaskar or Pantera


  • I have a made in murica true temper trek 990 with paul comp bits and a 650b wheelset.

  • I'm gonna be selling my Orange p7 pretty soon but it's complete. I can get some pictures of it later if you're interested

  • Kona Explosif 1993 - Same one as the photo but with slightly different parts.
    Selling complete also.

  • Interested in seeing pics of both if that's cool lads

  • That's lovely... I had a Cindercone from that year... how much, size etc?

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  • ^ I have sold the cranks now but everything else still there, £350 sounds fair? Nitto bullmoose, paul brakes and chain catcher, 650b VO diagonale rims on 105 5800 hubs and GB tyres.

  • 90% it's 18" but I'll have to check.
    £200 inc. spare pair of mag 21 forks.
    I'll see if I can find a photo photo found
    Has black P2's on now with ahead stem. Still got the OG velocity kit int he photo though.
    Also have a pair of the original cranks as shown in the magazine scan. White industries cranks on at the moment.

  • Hi, I have a Gary fisher Wahoo frame and fork, 16.75". Not that posh but quite nice. Comes with a 1/8 threaded to ahead adapter.

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  • I follow you and raise by an 18" 1997 Zaskar :-D.

    Frame + fork = £100 and free extras (headset, handlebars, seatpost, saddle, BB)

    Complete bike = £185

    Prices plus shipping.

    Hope this helps, Nikica.

  • Got a couple of phone shots of the p7
    I replaced the chain and cassette then rode it home and haven't ridden it since. STX RC derailleurs, LX v brakes, Sq taper Alivio triple, STX headset, STX RC levers/shifters. Original seatpost and stem although stem is in kinda ratty condition. Saddle is also original but also in proper ratty state. Some faded red/pink aftermarket bars with sticky lizard Skins grips

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  • Thanks for the images guys... I think the Zasker might be the one for me @cybernck... I can't do anything right now but I'll pm you fella.

  • Hi Amey, I'm interested in this, can you PM sizes and more pictures?

  • This is gnarly. What size is it and how much you want for it?

  • Someone else asked the same question. 120. Just gotta see what the first dude says and I can get back to you if you're interested?

  • Yeah man please do.

  • @amey interested in brakes, bars and perhaps wheelset if you're looking to part out. PM if so, I'm a bit rubbish at keeping abreast of drunken posts...

  • Gnarly.

  • @Johnnyw75 which bike did you end up getting...?

  • I didn’t in the end, still kinda looking but not if you get my meaning

  • Cool. In that case, definitely don't look at this

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Retro MTB

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