Lambeth Bridge North Side

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  • have your wits about you

    That's a euphemism for being fit, fast and brave.

  • No its about knowing what your doing. Looking and getting seen, good communication. Not fit, nor fast, brave is a construct

  • As it turns out Chris Grayling doored a cyclist on exactly that stretch of road, then left without leaving his details.­6/dec/15/chris-grayling-sent-cyclist-fly­ing-with-his-car-door-video-shows

  • A particular case of how segregation can insulate you from the mistakes of others, or yourself, depending on how you view the dooring incident.

  • No its about knowing what your doing. Looking and getting seen, good communication. Not fit, nor fast, brave is a construct

    I think there's still a degree of bravery, or at least faith, required though. Good communication and getting seen are not perfect protection against the incompetence or malice of others. As with so many other things, sometimes you can do everything right and still come off badly.

  • Two lanes of fast traffic into a roundabout is always going to be a challenge, a challenge it's unfair to ask of 10 year olds and 70 year olds.

  • Hence introducing the speed bumps over the zebra crossing. This means even if no one is waiting to cross, traffic will be slowed and will be much less likely to bomb it onto the roundabout. This is the main problem now I think.

  • Also, if you're riding in with less confident people there are other routes. You can miss this whole section by heading behind the Tate and rejoining after St Johns Smith Square. The bit that really needs work is outside parliament, site of the now infamous dooring. It's too narrow, single lane and packed with busses. However both ends have cycle lanes, just not this bit. Classic non joined up infrastructure.

  • Work has started apparently to make the changes above, though TFL say this is an interim scheme. With Sadiq in charge I wouldn't hold my breath for any quick improvements.

  • 'Interim' I think that just a term used to shut people up. And ignore relevant suggestions because it may require more thought and effort.

    To think that tfl is so awash with cash that it can dig up junctions to provide interim solutions only to redo them later? Pull the other one.

  • Keep meaning to check LFGSS more regularly. But here goes (I'm LCC's Infrastructure Campaigner):
    a) Yes, Westminster. Grrr.
    b) This is an "interim" scheme and should have been more clearly labelled as such from the get-go. TfL still working hard on trying to get in a better scheme asap. Issue is that signalising this basically sends their computer models for traffic for whole of area into meltdown.
    c) I'm with those who would basically say "so what?" Sadly, I don't run London. TfL Buses basically do.
    d) The folks working on the final scheme are good. I have some hopes. I'll continue to push them.

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Lambeth Bridge North Side

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