Climate crisis

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  • Climate nonsense, if there is at the moment any rapid change in climate it's certainly not through man made CO2 emission. The world is currently at the lowest CO2 the planet has seen over its entire 600million year history. Climate has fluctuated millions of times, we've had ice ages, warming periods, and in recent history we had a little ice age in 1500-1700AD and a global warm period during Medieval times. Was this through industrial emission? No, it was through the thing that warms the planet every day, the solar cycles and activity. CO2 through the greenhouse effect cannot warm the earth anymore than it currently has even if you doubled CO2 to 800ppm. But it would increase plant growth and crop yield.

  • Phew, that's a fucking load off, I feel much better.

  • Citation needed

  • Wow, thanks. I was getting really worried. Now you’ve put my mind at rest I can stop recycling.

  • Solid first post after a nine year absence

  • Conspiracy Theories thread this way

  • Watching Big Oil vs the World on BBC iplayer.

    The impact of what the oil industry did is almost incomprehensible.

    The actions of Exxon in the 70s/80s are described by Al Gore as the biggest crime since the end of second world war. A sober, and considered scientist (who throughout chooses his words carefully) describing its CEO as "evil".

  • The impact of what the oil industry did is almost incomprehensible.

    Give Climate Town a watch;

    Exxon Lobbyist Caught on Camera worth a watch.

  • .

  • You forgot about deforestation.

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Climate crisis

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