Climate change

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  • What are the far more easier things we can do to alleviate the problem then?

    Consuming less domestic and industrial energy is probably the biggest, easiest win that is available to us. Stop leaving leaving lights on in rooms and buildings we don't use. Stop heating homes and offices beyond 21C just because someone is a bit soft. Stuff like that. Simply put we take our current unrestricted supply of energy for granted and use it accordingly. However, this, unlike a radical shift in the global diet, is far easier to motivate behavioural change because we can legislate on low energy lifestyles without significantly impacting on people's perception of their lifestyle.

    Cars. I'm guessing that on a cycling forum I don't need to explain this one to you.

    Food Waste. We waste immense amounts of food in the developed world. In turn that means that we waste immense amounts of energy transporting food to and around the developed world that is simply going to be wasted. That in turn then means that we waste immense amounts of energy transporting food in the form of aid to developing countries because we've taken their food (which we didn't eat) and now can't consistently sustain themselves. And of course, eliminating food waste cuts into that greenhouse gas emission issue of livestock.

  • animal agriculture on this planet makes up over 50% (2015) of our greenhouse gas emissions


  • Such numbers, no source, outdated units.

    It's not that simple. Pretty much all modern agricultural practices are detrimental to the environment regardless of what is being produced. The earth's topsoil is being stripped of all nutrients and the ability to retain carbon. A new approach to all elements of food production is required, regardless of if you're trying to produce meat or veg.

    We're not entirely fucked, but a global, grassroots awareness of what's happening and how to change is required immediately. This won't happen by splurting out well-meaning but oversimplistic, unbalanced statements.

  • Can I have both? With gravy. Ta.

  • Although splurting out well-meaning but oversimplistic, unbalanced statements do make it easier to demonise someone else while avoiding considering their own impact.

    While the article isn't entirely unbiased, it does point to some interesting and important key issues around resource demand for food production.­k/news/healthy-foods-that-are-ruining-th­e-environment/

  • 25-100x more destructive than co2 emissions.­6/5953/716.figures-only

  • Cowspiracy is a biased - ill give you that but interesting documentary. its on netflix.

  • Deforestation is primarily down to growing crops for animal consumption, not human.

  • Yeah, I've seen those type of articles before. Crazy how people used to eat local, seasonal food, had a respect for the land and it's produce and things weren't so bad.

  • Moar global warming will mean we need less home heating so the problem will resolve itself. Simplez

  • I love the way The Telegraph makes you feel bad for wanting to eat healthy, and then includes meat and dairy as by notes at the end of the article. Whatever way we can help alleviate the problem, will help. If we don't ALL do something about it, then what's the point.

  • For a long time we've had a lot of environmental problems stemming from how we cultivate food on our own shores. There's no denying that.

    However, we're really ramping that up with the imported foods we're now eating. The irony here being that vegetarians and vegans, while promoting their diet as environmentally friendly, have also spearheaded the introduction of these new foodstuff's to our national cuisine.

  • You misunderstand. You don't need to eat quinoa and avocado to be healthy. Some marketing sleazeball has convinced you that is the case.

  • If we don't ALL do something about it, then what's the point.

    Exactly, which is why arguments such as the job is done if we stop eating animals is a bit of a wank idea.

  • The word is 'influencer'

  • I follow a plant based diet. I'll admit when I started i used to eat a lot of hipster junk, now we eat a lot of local (and homegrown, woo retired parents with an allotment!), seasonal stuff.

    I also realise I am very fortunate to be in this position. Many are not.

  • Not a wank idea at all. I'm not saying the whole world has to go vegan, but by cutting down on the consumption, it will help in the long run

  • Yeah but bacon

  • Source?

    "Subsistence farming is responsible for 48% of deforestation; commercial agriculture is responsible for 32%; logging is responsible for 14%, and fuel wood removals make up 5%."­ion#Causes

    "subsistence farming entails a largely vegetarian way of life"­090111.htm

  • Pretty sure we fail our students if they cite Wikipedia.

  • 1 person, 10,000, even all the people in London switching to plant based diets isn't going to do more than put the tiniest of footnotes in the emissions from the 100,000+ 24 hour running, heavy fuel burning merchant ships currently cruising around the world.

  • True, but wikipedia writers will cite from somewhere else

    "According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) " (For Hippy's quote)

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Climate change

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