Climate change

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  • Wapping is a weird place granted..
    prospect or capt kidd, maybe town of ramsgate.. the other pubs naa
    gym two minutes away
    church two minutes away
    Little high street convenient enough
    Waitrose ten minutes away
    Walks along the river great
    Neighbours are friendly
    Commute to work 20 minutes by bike to clerkenwell
    Overground is very convenient for connecting to underground or heading norf / sarf
    Weekends very quiet, If I want noise I can go across the heighway.


    Lifted from the Colombia, not Columbia thread

  • No, but expecting me not to feel pleased at the sun warming my back just isn't realistic, no matter that I know it's part of something bigger and dreadful.

  • Wildfire on ordinarily saturated moorland in Feb. Fucked.­25828746760192?s=19

  • Crikey, that's terrifying. That moor was sodden & snow topped when I rode over in late January.

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  • We had a fire in Edinburgh as well though not as big. (not my photo)

    and gorse fires in Wales I believe

    the last year has been pretty crazy - Beast from the East, incredibly hot summer, now this summer-in-February

  • Being out in the daylight/sunshine today more than usual, I wondered whether in years to come this warm early spring weather will be cherished every year, at the same time dreading the coming, hellish summers. Perhaps we will have a couple of weeks of bittersweet spring before long summers of unbearable heat, storms and fires.

  • My local council just declared a climate emergency, as have 43 others. We sent them a petition last night, following a meeting with them a couple of weeks back. I am pleasantly surprised (and a little suspicious) that they acted so quickly. I'm suspicious though because words are easy, the real work to fix this is going to be really tough.

  • Wanted to give a plug for Extinction Rebellion...they're building up steam from a recent start and I've been impressed with what I've seen so far.

    They've got a big action coming up on 15th and looking for people to get involved in Londontown

  • Loving the Waterloo Bridge shutdown. Well done anyone here involved.

  • My nights became ones of sleeplessness with a racing heart. I have been hit by a panic attack in the supermarket


  • I haven't had a panic attack on the supermarket.
    But - does no-one else have sleepless nights worrying about this shit? Isn't it a 'normal' response?

  • I wouldn’t worry about anything unless my worrying conjured up practical solutions that address the issue I’m worrying about.

    Funnily enough my worrying never actually does this, but luckily I’ve yet to have a Hurt Locker style moment in Morrisons

  • Well of course, it's not a helpful or productive response, and I try not to indulge it...

  • To be fair, neither is being a smug, unempathetic, centrist dad. 🤷♂️

  • Jesus. Would you like a dad cuddle?

  • My biggest fear tbh are the inevitable food shortages of the future. Especially where i live where a big part of our essential primary foods are imported. Low-key planning for a dystopic future. I would like to be more self-sustaining.

  • No, just less scorn poured on people passionate about something.

    I’m not likely to have a panic attack about climate change either but can appreciate that people who are that affected are more likely to make something happen.

  • just less scorn poured on people passionate about something.

    I'm not doing that. I'm pouring scorn on a bullshit article that is perfect weaponry for folks who like to undermine this stuff by claiming it's the realm of the elite, nannying, privileged, hand wringing upper classes.

  • You don't even have to go too far afield ...­2019/apr/30/london-tubes-schools-and-hom­es-face-climate-change-chaos

    The report found:

    • Half of the underground stations in central London will be “at significant risk of flooding” with the Northern and Central lines most affected.

    • One in five schools in the capital will face a high-risk of flooding.

    • Two-thirds of London flats will face extreme overheating by the 2030s.

    • London is the most vulnerable city in western Europe to floods, extreme cold, windstorms and drought as global temperatures rise.

  • I'm not doing that. I'm pouring scorn on a bullshit article that is perfect weaponry for folks who like to undermine this stuff by claiming it's the realm of the elite, nannying, privileged, hand wringing upper classes

    I guess this nuance wasn’t very well communicated.

    I worry about this stuff. I worry the we’re so far from self-sufficient, so reliant (a state that towns/cities force upon us) the elastic has snapped. We’ve sort of forgotten how we could live in a low impact way ... if we decided to.

  • Wife's friends have just 'announced' that they are going vegetarian to help the planet - very tempted to ask if they were planning to stop racking up so many air miles via the 3-4 holidays to exotic locations they have every year.

    Having saved an entire human's lifetime worth of emissions / consumption already I feel I can be quite smug as the waters lap at my front door.

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Climate change

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