Climate crisis

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  • Is it a thing that we should worry about?

  • No.

    The world has been through it before. And will again.

    Worry about the flouride in your water

  • Chemtrails!

  • This is the only thing anyone should be worrying about right now.

  • mother earth / gaia will fix all of our fuckups
    everything will be alright

    we just need to stop killing each other and being so greedy

  • Is it a thing that we should worry about?

    Yes, but probably a bit less than the robotisation of pretty much every low skilled job going over the next ten years.

  • Although we should consider the possibility that mother earth / gaia will choose to fix our fuckups by the passive removal of a significant contributory cause of climate change over a comparatively short time frame. Anthropomorphisation is all well and good but a projected humanised scale isn't always going to be an accurate correlation.

  • Those two things tend to go hand in hand. Globalisation is how we got into this mess. Not to mention that pesky industrial revolution.

  • Stop eating animals... job done!

  • If I stop eating animals that will stop industry producing cars and ipods and people turning their heat up and factories churning out vegan sausages will it?

  • If God didn't want us eating animals, he wouldn't have made them out of food

  • Is it a thing that we should worry about?

    Well it kind of depends on whether it's actually happening, doesn't it? :|

    Climate change itself isn't something to worry about, as it's a natural process. The problem is that the term is currently a euphemism or a weak phrase for the greatly accelerated climate change that's happening, most probably due to anthropogenic factors. A better term is climate chaos, which I believe has already manifested itself in increased weather instability and greater extremes. Needless to say, as we live in a fairly stable environment here, it probably seems premature to us, but people elsewhere, such as in the Caribbean, are not so lucky.

  • No, but it'll help... the number one cause of greenhouse gases is animal agriculture as a whole, that includes cutting down rain forests for food production and palm oil for our food... in my mind, and plenty others, climate change is a thing.

  • Stop eating animals... job done!

    I don't like the phrase 'eating animals' as a shorthand. I think it's always worth emphasising that we generally don't eat animals, but animal corpses. Even though I follow a vegan diet and don't consume any corpse meat or other animal products willingly, I may well eat more animals than many meat-eaters because of accidentally swallowing flies when cycling. Also, the point of veganism is, of course, that there are considerable problems with other animal product than corpses, so it's always worth including those. :)

  • We're made out of meat, when was the last time you were a cannibal?

  • In the short term that would be a lot more damaging to the environment because then we would have high volumes of livestock solely for the purpose of producing animal byproducts such as cheese, milk, eggs. That livestock needs to be renewed but, even with our best husbandry and genetic modelling, that means at least a third of all new livestock won't be productive by reason of being male. Of course we could just slaughter them but that seems a) utterly stupid and wasteful and b) leaves us with a very environmentally unfriendly carcass surplus.

    There is also the massive problem that means that you'd be abandoning massive amounts of people to die a slow horrible death of malnutrition because they live in parts of the world where plant based agriculture simply isn't sufficient to sustain them without some kind of meat component. There alternatives to that such as expenditure of massive amounts of energy shipping in food or a collossal amount of forced repatriation. Both of which come with their own environmental and ethical questions relating to cultural abuse of those people you're imposing this change on.

    Even then, the sudden decline in meat based diet across the whole global population probably isn't enough to mitigate the human impact on climate change. There are other easier, far more palatable (excuse the pun) things that we can do as a planet, countries, communities and individuals that will have far greater effects.

  • Even then, the sudden decline in meat based diet across the whole global population probably isn't enough to mitigate the human impact on climate change

    Considering animal agriculture on this planet makes up over 50% (2015) of our greenhouse gas emissions, the sudden decline in meat based diet would have a massive effect on our planet.

  • I may well eat more animals than many meat-eaters because of accidentally swallowing flies when cycling

    You monster.

  • What are the far more easier things we can do to alleviate the problem then? If we all cut down on eating meat, less animals would be bred, more water would be available and less greenhouse gas would be emitted.

    Beef is the worst of the offenders for gases, we could actually all help by eating more chickens in fact as it takes far less water to grow chickens than it does for cows to be reared.

  • 1 acre of land yields 250 lbs of beef and 53,000 lbs of spuds.

  • We're all fucked, everything is fucked, there will be no wild animals left and half the world's currently populated land will be under water by 2050. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • orders sram etap

  • So you're including deforestation for a vegan food product in your 'don't eat animals' argument. Riiight.

  • the need to worry is inversely proportional to how close your house is to sea level

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Climate crisis

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