• Morning All

    Rob from (Brixton Cycles Club and the) Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome committee here

    We are launching our "The Big Finish" Crowdfunding campaign today to raise funds for the fit out of the brand new pavilion.

    If you could see your way to donating to the campaign and sharing the following info and flyer on all your social medias and websites, we would be eternally grateful!

    If you want any more info or want to talk about any aspect of this crowdfunding campaign, or you have any offers you want to add to the crowdfunder, or you just fancy a chat, get in touch.

    Pick a good wheel to follow



    "The Herne Hill Velodrome’s new pavilion is about to be completed.

    The big dream of the Save the Velodrome Campaign is about to become a reality.

    But if that pavilion is going to do its job and secure Herne Hill’s future for another 125 years it needs to be fully functional. It needs fitting out.

    Unfortunately that fit out is not yet funded.

    This is why the Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome have launched The Big Finish, a crowdfunding campaign to pay for everything the new pavilion needs.

    We’re asking for donations to that campaign. In return we’ve got heaps of top rewards on offer, including your name on a seat in the refurbished grandstand.

    Go to crowdfunder.co.uk/thebigfinish and see what we’ve got to give you for giving to us.

    This is the final phase of the Save the Velodrome Campaign.

    This is the lunge for line.

    This is: The Big Finish"

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  • Bump

  • @Velocio could we sticky this one?

  • Agreed

    Having my name on a seat sounds fun - go to a big event - "Excuse me, you're in my seat" "I don't see your name on it....oh wait...."

    I know it won't work like that but small things etc

  • If 10x£200* donations are possible, then this delivers a group track day (via the £2k) donation.

    If there are 9 others, send me a PM and I'll do it and make a collective donation

    (*up to 20 for the track day)

  • ^ That's a good idea. It might be a good sell to cycling clubs too.
    I can't donate at the moment because I'm a horrible consumerist and it's christmas, but will do in the new year.

  • I've seen the booking process for club track days up close and £2k seems like a lot in comparison to what we normally do. Obviously this is for charity etc. so I'm not trying to say its a rip off by any stretch.

  • All riders in the group get Ltd Edition FHHV kit thrown in too...

  • Top crowdfunder film! Well done all involved. Phil's made for TV.

  • Jan needs a really proper griddle instead of that george forman grill thingy!

  • good thing Phil's an actor. (Actually I heard today my employer is going to cut a cheque but I don't know what size yet)

  • Pledged!

    Wonder how many seats will end up with The Gaffer's name on.

  • All of them

  • PM me matey

  • Cracking!

    £33k at the mo

    Flipping great first day

  • In for a seat.

    Now I just need to figure out what to write on it.

  • 'arrospok 50 dorrah' surely?

  • Something to honour @big_daddy_wayne ?

    "It's all about the ride"

  • Oh and if you get a random follow off of the FFHV IG it's because I've just been given the reigns.

    If anyone has any old/new/unseen event photos (especially ones with now established riders we can 'tag') they would be greatly appreciated!

  • They've put you in control? We're all doomed!

  • Only of the IG and 'on here' stuff, thank god.....

    @HWS runs a tight ship

    P.s. Cheers for the 'pin'

  • He seized the mic, like a drunk lass at a karaoke contest...

  • Brixton said that too...

    5 years ago

    The yacht in Monaco and the military uniform tell the story since then.

  • A Wayne tribute is already being done... guess I'll have to use it for me :)

  • I can't wait for the Super Mad

    "Sorry you're in my seat"

    "Am I?"

    "Check the name yeah?"

    "Terribly sorry....."

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Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome "the BIG finish" crowdfunding campaign

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