• I'm home. Going to have some dinner and reflect a little on WTF happened. It's clear in my head, I'll go to the police station tomorrow to file a report.

    The police should do something, all three requirements are there: personal injury, damage to property, fled from scene.

    One consolation, now I've unpacked I see that my Rapha Softshell survived. It's bloody, but that should wash out.

  • Heal up quick boss.

  • Very sorry to read this and hope you manage some restful sleep tonight. You're absolutely right to feel angry and I hope the driver is tracked down.


  • Ah shit. Heal up fast dude.

    I really hope they can catch the asshole

  • Heal up quick @Velocio. Have you contacted that witness to see if they got the car's rego?


  • Terrible story. All the best in your recovery.

  • Sounds bloody awful, hope you heal up quickly.

  • Hope whoever bastard cunt did this gets their karma cheque in the post soon. Heal up quick

  • Hope you're feeling better this morning, David. But I doubt it.

    Heal fast and let's hope the Police find this prick and prosecute.

  • Urgh. Hope you're not too sore.

    Let hope the eleventy billion spent on cctv in London comes up trumps.

  • i hope trumps is not a reference to your useless new president

  • Dude, like everyone says heal up fast - sometimes the aches and pain kick in after all the shock has worn off so take it easy

    Hope they catch the cnut

  • What you put out in the world comes back at you. Heal up soon sir.

  • get well soon david
    hope you get the driver

    stay safe out there peeps

  • Hope you're feeling better this morning, David. But I doubt it.

    Actually I do feel better.

    But this is relative. I felt horrible last night because my leg was a bloody mess. When it got cleaned up at the end it's left a not too large piece of road rash covering most of the lower right leg, a knee that is quite open and bleeding, swelling on the right lower leg... but beyond that only scrapes, bruises and small cuts all down the right with most of the bruising at the bony points (elbow, hip, etc).

    Nothing being broken is basically a miracle. So yeah, I do feel good... relative to how sick I felt in the hospital and how bad it looked right away. This stuff will all be sore but it will also heal.

    No idea about the bike. It was largely in one piece, but it was the Serotta and fits the class of super expensive super delicate carbon. Which means the whole thing needs checking when I'm re-united with it. I hope it's OK... don't want to have to involve insurance at all, but if the bike is damaged then I'll need to.

  • Have you contacted that witness to see if they got the car's rego?

    No-one got the plate.

    I should've kept other witness info, a dump truck driver also witnessed it, but he was blocking the road so I let him go. He also did not get the plate. I asked everyone at the time.

  • Good to hear that you're doing better, even if only in perspective.

    The Serotta is metal (mostly?) at least, so whilst its delicate it should be much easier to asses for damage, and can also be repaired if neccesary

  • Ti seat tube and chain stays, everything else is painted carbon.

  • Hope you heal quickly VB. Hope they catch the driver.

  • Rubbish. Hopefully there is some CCTV. Get on the popo asap and heal up.

  • Oh! Had no idea they ever made them like that. Ignore me then. Although my experience with carbon from a number of crashes has been surprisingly good. fingers crossed

  • Underneath, my Serotta looks like this:

  • Well this is shit, hope you get some joy with the police there must be some CCTV in that area.

  • Man, heal up fast. I am gutted for you. Is there a chance to obtain CCTV? That asshole should get locked up.

  • Pleased to hear it. Rest up today.

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2016-12-08 - Rider Down, Stamford Street SE1 9NH 20:14, Velocio

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio