Frame chainstay bent

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  • Just got delivered this frame I was looking at for 2 weeks now, and I noticed it's bent as seen in this photo taken from their website.

    I am a bit disappointed and will send it back.

    Trouble is, they don't have that size in stock anymore, and that frame is nowhere to be found (also out of stock from another store I had my eyes on as a back-up!).

    What is curious is that they all use the same photo (3-4 stores that sell it), why is that? Is this the only photo provided by the manufacturer?

    Or am I being stupid and all frames from this manufacturer are meant to be like that lol.

    Also, should I assume they will get more stock or.. feeling pretty shit now.

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    • specialized-langster-pro-2015-track-frameset-satin-black-charcoal-silver-EV193917-8500-1.jpg
  • Not sure if srs....

    That's just a crimp so the frame clears the chainring.....

  • Erm, that makes sense.. are all the frames like that?! :O

  • If they need the clearance, then yes. Standard procedure.

  • Look! Even the downtube has a huge dent on its back!

  • Aaah man, you guys made my day. Was pretty pissed off when I've noticed that but it doesn't matter anymore now!

    What a silly question.

  • Come on, I can't be the only one shitting myself seeing that :).

  • Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)

  • Thanks to this forum for saving me an embarrassing, angry morning phone call =)).

  • Do you work for Dolan per chance?

  • Haha, awesome. This just made up for a shitty day ;)

  • there is a spelling mistake in Specialised.

  • That's not a problem as they taught us American English in school.

    Trouble is now, the text on the seat tube is not really straight? :O

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Frame chainstay bent

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