Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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  • go VO, better profile IMO and just nicer to look at, PDWs are so 2019

  • This would appear to be the same as mine. Did a bit more of an actual ride this weekend. Mixed frozen dirt, gravel and tarmac. Very happy. Delightful machine.

  • I've got a 32mm Gravelking Slick TLC+ in a 40mm guard and it is working out great!

  • tbh think i am a bit limited by my rim width anyway - so will stick with what i have for now

  • I'm slowly edging closer to buying a Strael, just trying to figure out sizing. I sent Fairlight measurements from a bike fit which came back with 56T. I'm pretty much exactly 6" with (I think) fairly average proportions. Wondering if there are any similarly sized Strael riders on here riding a 56T with thoughts on the fit!

  • I'm 179cm and have a 54T so seems ball park correct to me.

  • i am 6ft 3 and ride a 58R (just because stack and reach is exactly the same as my tcr)

  • Thanks @swedeee and @Thorntonreed. Yeah stack and reach are very similar to current bike with the 56T (stack in the Strael is 4mm lower, reach 9mm shorter) so I think current fit could be matched with the right spacers and stem.

  • I am 183cm/6' and I have a 56R which feels real good. The 56T would also be really good, I just preferred the lower stack option of an R.

    The size guide for just my height brung me in on a 58T which looked comedically massive compared to any bike I have ever ridden.

  • Love my Fairlight Secan 2.5.
    The only thing that lets it down is the horrific Hope seat clamp and going in the bin soon. Otherwise a thing of joy.

  • Interested to know what scope there is in the world of seatclamps to qualify as "horrific"? 😁

  • 186 cm/ 6 foot 1 ish and the online sizing chart recommended a 58T!
    Think it was actually pretty similar to my Genesis Equilibrium 60 in stack and reach- which has always been too big.
    Got a bike fit and was recommended a 56T.
    Fit is good (still tweaking at the moment) and there’s room for adjustment. Also means that I don’t have loads of spacers which I probably would have ended up with on a R size.
    Get a bit of toe overlap more which I clearly never had on a giant equilibrium!

  • Failing in its job to hold the seat in place. A fairly fundamental flaw.

  • Very true, also very odd assuming it and the seatpost are both the right size, hope you get it sorted 👌🏼

  • Bit late seeing this but I'm 6"1' and have a 56T, comfy. If you're anywhere near SE London (I'm in Greenwich) you're more than welcome to pop by and size it up.

  • Hope seat clamps are poorly designed and well known for not really doing the job they were designed to do.

  • That's weird. I've never had an issue with one.

    Wonder if another clamp will actually fix? Personally I'd shim the seattube and add some carbon paste.

  • If you've had a bike fit and have stack and reach they will have used that, as should you to compare. I'm 184cm and ride a 58R and not a chance in hell I could get on a 56, would be a kids bike. So it's all so personal even people at similar dimensions ride different frames.

    This is assuming your fit and corresponding numbers are good!

  • Is the hope clamp 30.0, and you actually want a 29.8? I had a hope 30.0 first, my LBS said it wouldnt hold the carbon post I had on my previous bike. It wasn’t an issue as I went straight to an inline Thomson which held.

  • Weird, I've had a few with no issues, hadn't heard that

  • Ahh thanks that’s so kind of you to offer. I’m the complete other side of London otherwise I would have jumped at the chance!

    Thanks also @DuckJohnson @skinny @user133928 for the insights, good info to hear 👍

  • Just posting to say I wish they did one frame size smaller

  • True big up the vertically challenged masses!
    Mason cover it.

  • My post kept slipping on a Secan v1 also. I swapped out the Hope seatclamp for a Wolf Tooth one in 29.8mm. Seems better so far.

    I can tell you from experience that the Salsa Lip Lock in 30.0mm also works. Both have the little barrel nut which keeps the bolt straight as you tighten it up. The Hope ones just have a captive nut which means that the bolt has to bend slightly (or something equally bad) because the opposing faces are not aligned as it tightens up.

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Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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