Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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  • Anyone put a Holt deposit down?

    Don't see many other options for a fun hardtail for light trails that can also take a pannier rack, it's really tempting. Do not want a tailfin.

  • What lunatic would put a tailfin on a Holt.

  • Hey all, looking at a second hand strael, but it has a bit of a dent on the seatstay. Midway up. Apparently was dented while in the back of a van, toppled over another bike. How much of a worry should this be? Can a dent alter the geo/alignment of the frame?

    Edit - I guess my question really is how can I check myself if the frame is still good or not.

  • What lunatic would put a tailfin on a Holt

    Someone racing lunatic ultras, know anyone?


    I'm going to assume you like the Holt?

  • Post a picture.

    It's probably totally fine though

  • Yes a lot. Also the people behind it.

  • I went ahead and got it! Yeah I think the dent is not an issue. Or that's what I keep telling myself...

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  • That's 100% absolutely fine

  • aero dimple

  • i'd be cool with riding that. nice bike and welcome to the strael club :---)

  • Cheers - planning to spend a bit of time over coming days to clean it up and will post some better pics then.

    Had a question regarding the di2 battery - I had the seatpost out yesterday, but the battery is not mounted in the bottom of it as expected, but only thrown down in the seat tube. Owner is telling me that Fairlight built it up for him, and he hasn't really touched the battery or had seatpost out. Is there any danger of the battery/wires getting damaged when just placed in the seat tube? I am thinking to buy the battery 'bung' and install the battery in the seatpost... as it usually is. Then again the current 'bodged' way would be nice for me because I have a canyon vcls split seatpost that I could use...

  • I have a VCLS post and a di2 battery chucked in my seat tube. It is not ideal but has been fine for 10,000km. It is not loose however, I wrapped it in some plasticky stuff I had lying about so it's somewhat insulated from the frame tubes

  • Possibly was in the seatpost initially but got dislodged and fell down the seat tube

  • Yeah, a quick google gave me the idea of zip tieing the battery to the bottom of the vcls seatpost, and wrapping it with bubble wrap to prevent rattling.

    A bit off topic - what's a good way of getting rid of this oxidisation/corrosion on the hub/spoke? Tried a toothbrush and some degreaser ,bur didn't want to budge. Wheels are Hunt carbon

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  • Yes a lot. Also the people behind it.

    Excellent, order placed!

  • Thanks. Tell them because of me! Always helps me.

  • An apparent addiction to choice fatigue means I feel compelled to ask if anyone has gone for silver mudguards with a putty coloured fairlight (strael in my case) and have an opinion/picture. Running 28mm tyres could be tempted to try 30 or 32mm at some point.

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Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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