Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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  • I expect great things. Shallow carbon is underrated.

    Omniums are black. I'll drag them out of storage.

  • +1 Very few punctures with plenty of use with GK SK tubed for me, I liked them a lot. 32mm back and 35mm front was the biggest I was happy with on the Strael2 although technically you could fit bigger the clearance was not enough for comfort.

  • Pop me a DM, I can take a snap for you once I'm at the office again. The navy king looks the business but silver is great also.

    Colour is amazing in the flesh.

  • I've got a purple Strael on the way and toyed with ano purple but think blue is the way to go after seeing the pics they posted.

    Any ideas on the closest blue seat clamp to match or maybe I should just go with black.

  • Salsa or Wolf tooth?

  • Yeah I have a salsa on my tourer and really like the shape. Just have to see if the blue a decent colour match in real life I guess.

  • Hadn’t even considered the blue. There’s definitely a mental block on me stretching to a Chris King headset. Somehow the extra £70 seems a step too far!

  • I felt the same but I've never had one and always wanted one, and what's £70 over the lifetime of a headset.

  • The bonus of salsa and Wolf tooth is that they do not suffer the design fault of many, that the screw thread receiving the tightening bolt veers off axis as it is tightened, the bolt screws into a rotating barrel

    Not a big deal though

  • I got a blue ck and blue salsa seatclamp on my v1 faran. The colour is pretty close. I got lucky finding both on eBay, especially the salsa, ended up finding a used one in the US.

    Edit: ooh just seen the pics and can see you guys are talking about the dark blue

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  • I went to visit their workshop yesterday. I got to see two sweet builds with the Holt XC frame. Dom also showed me a lot of the details and detail shots. PDFs are coming soon :D.

  • They had the two Holt builds at NLD on Saturday, great looking bikes.

    The purple on the Strael/Secan is stunning in the flesh. If there’s a Holt in that colour I’m not going to be able to resist. Looked to be some sort of matte lavender/purple on one of the postcards but that may have been a different frame?

  • Looked to be some sort of matte lavender/purple on one of the postcards


  • i think i need to swing by to get my strael v3 headtube faced/reamed. no LBS near me has the right tool! annoying af

  • After much mental back and forth I put my deposit down for a Faran last night. Much excitement.

  • What size seat post clamp will I need for a Strael v3? The design notes state;

    Reynolds 853 Seat Tube
    853 - 28.6mm/29.8mm - 0.9/0.6/1.2
    We use a standard butted seat tube designed for a 27.2mm seat post. The
    majority of the tube is 28.6mm in diameter, where as the top section is externally
    butted to 29.8mm to give the correct inner dimension for the seat post and
    to provide extra surface area for the top tube and seat stay welds. The tube is
    butted 0.9/0.6/1.2.

    So i guess that means 29.8mm, could I get away with a 30mm clamp?

  • I had a 30.0 hope clamp, then a 29.8 wolf tooth one

  • Ok nice one, thanks. I've found a salsa clamp to match the Chris King blue on the headset. It's like the 90's all over again.

  • Don't even know what I'd change but can we expect a Faran 2.5 or 3.0 soon? Think I just need to pull the trigger...

  • If it makes any difference I had a Streal 2.0 on order for a few months before they announced the 3.0, and they honoured my order by giving me a 3.0, so if you order one now and they announce in any kind of near-future, you should be alright.

  • yep - same thing happened to me :-)

  • Same here. Half wish I'd waited for the purple now but have to pull the trigger at some point!

  • They are not huge and they are still in the process of releasing the Holt. I think you are safe for some time. But as others have said. They usually offer an upgrade if they release a new one. I think the other way around is more problematic. If you ordered a 2.0 and don't want the upgrade :D

  • My strael arrived yesterday, just in time to discover I'd broken my torque wrench! Luckily no damage done other than the anticipation/temptation of having a finger tight assembled bike while I wait to be able to complete assembly.

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Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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