Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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  • No, but I own a Mason so it's obviously better than the Fairlight.


  • From the PDF it looks like chainstays are the limiting factor (as you'd expect)

  • Looks decent though.

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  • 32s and mudguards feasible or too tight?

  • Strael 3.0 on order, Putty with some dated orange hope.

    What mudguards are people running with these? Got 6 months to find some, so no rush

  • my strael 3 arrived today! just put it together for a quick shakedown round town - sorry for the shit photos (will get better ones at weekend) rides really nicely; I was a bit scared that it would feel too sluggish for me but it feels just right - stiff enough when climbing. I usually ride 25c tyres so the 28s feel quite different too - I'll see how I get on but may go back to 25s... looking forward to taking it out for a proper ride this weekend. then it'll probably be tucked away until it takes up winter bike duties in october-ish. I'll see how I get on with the saddle but the finishing kit seems ok (seatpost is slightly ugly). keeping the hunt wheels for now but would like to go to something with hope hubs in near future (or use the wheels from my TCR). obv need to chop the steerer - fit is perfect though as stack/reach is almost identical to my tcr. couple of questions;

    • what mudguards should I get?
    • 3rd bottle mount.... what a privilege. should I get a tool bottle so I dont need a saddle/bar bag? or will that look fucking stupid?
    • how do i get this chris king star nut/expander bung out? (last pic)

  • That expander bung should be an allen bolt inside there, Swed. Just lefty loosey it and it the bung should contract, allowing you to remove it. Just don't loosen it too much otherwise the lower wedge will fall off from the knurled sleeve.

    Wait till you get used to the 28s. Especially for the winter. I just went from 30c to 28c and it was super weird. But after a few rides I'm used to the different tyre size. 28s are really great. Learn to love the extra cush. You're not going to go any slower and you will be more comfortable and have a larger contact patch with the ground and thus more grip when cornering.

    I did the tool bottle on my 3rd cage mount but ultimately returned to a saddle pack. It's just more convenient and it looked a bit dorky in all honesty.

    Can't go wrong with PDW Full Metal Fender's IMO. Or just SKS Longboard's. Best mudguard coverage, but a bit plastic looking.

    PS looks super! Love the orange. Wouldn't surprise me if you love Di2 so much that you decide to stop riding the Giant altogether :-P

  • Croatia.

    I don't suppose you know where in Croatia, or by which company?

  • looked a bit dorky in all honesty

    this is my fear. definitely doesn't seem to be the done thing at all

    Wouldn't surprise me if you love Di2 so much that you decide to stop riding the Giant altogether :-P

    I initially had some elaborate plan to move the Di2 group over to the giant and then run my mech DA group (or get a 105 disc group) for the fairlight but we'll see how it goes. can't imagine not riding the giant/similar carbon bike in summer. just really like the stiffness/speed they offer - perfect for quick blasts after work (when my stupid job allows)

  • No, but I'm sure its not a secret if you emailed them to ask.

  • Nah light carbon bikes rule!

    Fairlight is nice @swedeee great winter bike.

    Get VO guards and Pirelli tyres.

  • dialled in a bit now. first proper ride at the weekend - surprisingly fast actually and very very comfortable. not as quick as my tcr up hills but not sluggish at all. certainly rolls over slightly crappier surfaced roads better than my tcr (making me think i should go to 28s on it too)

    the di2 has been causing problems from the start unfortunately. initially the b screw was tightened too much so wouldn't shift up the block. have fiddled with that but now believe the chain is too long. am going on holiday on thurs but will investigate when i get back. to be honest I think I will go to a 30t cassette (+ short cage) anyway as the 34t doesnt suit my riding style at all (not into gravel/bikepacking/living in the alps)

  • Does look really good with the matched forka

  • Deffo - got me thinking about respray potential!

  • speaking of matched forks.... Secan 2.5


    Damn I want one.

  • Love that Deep Blue! Wish they'd offer that colour on the Strael.

  • Got my Faran this week. Really impressed with build quality and ride so far. Off on tour next week so mudguards and rack are on.

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  • Yes I’m a big fan of mine so far

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  • This is spot on! Love it.

  • :( streal delivered moved back to July, bad times

  • My Strael pushed back from early November to January. The way things are I wouldn't be surprised if its delayed further, will count myself lucky if I get it this side of Easter.

  • Yeah wasn't clear if it was groupset or frame issue, mine was mechanical ultegra which may not even exist by then? Who knows

  • Don't suppose anyone got sent a 58T instead of a 56T? I got sent a 56T instead of a 58T... was wondering why it felt a bit racey

  • nightmare :(

    anyone fitted mudguards to their strael yet? i need to buy some, but have never bought "proper" mudguards before so I am wondering what is best

  • JB mentioned PDW which are really nice, I’ve been running Kinesis Fendoff since March which have been decent. Black VO would probably suit the orange nicely.


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Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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