Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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  • I covet, but have absolutely no need for, the mk2 Faran :(

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  • There is nothing wrong with my Arkose
    There is nothing wrong with my Arkose
    There is nothing wrong with my Arkose
    There is nothing wrong with my Arkose

    Maybe I'll see what the Secan 3.0 brings..

  • not sure these oval wheels will catch on

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  • That front light angle!! no.

  • 3.0 looks super. Stoked for everyone who is being upgraded! Such thoughtful bike design.

  • Thoughts on colour of Hope bits (hubs, clamp, headset) to go with the deep grey frame?

    Black is the safe option, silver and orange both match bits of the graphics which I like the idea of but not sure if colourful hubs are just going to look shit?

  • Silver could look good IMO. Especially with some nice silver spoked wheels. Otherwise go black. The time for colour coordinated bright ano bits has passed.

    I was down for an Orange but have changed to putty as it looks too good with the colour matched fork. Going for black bits :)

  • The time for colour coordinated bright ano bits has passed

    Sorry you had to hear this @Dogs

  • I am now second guessing my own advice… the Orange in the one above with oval wheels looks great, but orange hubs would certainly be a step too far.

  • Ta, will stick with black hubs and for the other bits I'm torn between black and orange. Will have a few drinks then decide, I always make brilliant decisions when half cut.

  • Would be a very tough call between this and a Mason Resolution, IMO...

    Anyone ridden both?

  • Its not a tough call at all

    The strael is cheaper, and undoubtedly the better bike*.

    *unsubstantiated hearsay.

  • I haven't but there's this from the bikeradar review:

    "Compared to other steel bikes I have ridden, the Strael is close in character to the Mason Resolution2, though I think the Fairlight is probably the more comfortable bike overall. We’re talking about very marginal differences here though and, if you’re in the market for a bike like this, I have no doubt either would make you happy."

  • . The time for colour coordinated bright ano bits has passed.

    tbh i think its less that colourful/matched ano is bad its that hopes colours look a bit dated, however im sure it's hard to get anno consistent at scale and that their primary customer base does not care.

    support silver or black for that dark putty

  • Yep, c.£300, and it's a little bit lighter (claimed) as well, and comes in a wider range of sizes.

    Wonder if the cost difference is Mason made in Italy vs Fairlight made in (an unspecified part of, so presumably Eastern) Europe?

    I suspect the review @ElGonzo quotes is right, in that I doubt you'd be disappointed with either. The old 'ride both then pick which one you like the colour of more' springs to mind :-)

    Sounds like some people have some nice bikes coming!

  • That is not attractive.

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  • Is

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  • I always wanted to know where my 2.0 had finally been brought to life (welded) but could never figure it out. Strael 3.0 is welded in Taiwan now...

  • Hello! I do sometimes lurk on here.

    FWIW I liked the Mason, but think the Strael is just a wee bit nicer. The ride quality is just a bit more refined. It's also considerably cheaper.

    As an FYI, this generation of the Strael is made in Taiwan, but that personally wouldn't sway me either way – it's clearly as equally well-made as any other steel bike I've come across.

  • Hola! Cheers for your thoughts, very happy to have finalised my order today; deep grey with black Hope bits, Ultegra Di2. Very much a bike for life this one!
    There may be some that have a a knee-jerk reaction to Taiwan made but it truly doesn't bother me one iota.

    Don't be a stranger :)

  • It's funny that whenever a bike is made "at home", manufacturers and customers highlight this as one of its qualities. If not, no one talks about it. Ride quality becomes the only criterion for quality.
    I am more than happy with my Strael, but it leaves a strange aftertaste when the manufacturer introduces the designers of the decals but not the welders of the frames. So I look forward to a report on Fairlight's welders as part of their team. Wherever these great craftsmen may come from.

  • Yeah… I have a Faran frame in order. It would be nice to see more on the people putting it all together. I don’t think it detracts I’ve certainly got no problem it being made in Central Europe.

    Strael in putty with King headset has quite vanilla workshop vibes. It’s gorgeous

  • Sorry you had to hear this @Dogs

    This is rubbish, just make sure it's purple @crow.

  • The new Strael 3.0 does have some nice clearance for comfortable rubber. This is with a 28mm in the front.

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Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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