Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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  • http://fairlightcycles.com/?v=79cba11854­63

    Hey guys, been looking at this brand for the past week now and it seems they're priced very well for the frame sets.
    They were designed by the person who did the Genesis framesets.

    Anybidy got any experience with the brand itself? They seem really new so not going to be surprised if nobody knows them yet. Was just wondering before I end up buying one of the strael one. I'm going to be trying one out by the end of the month when one gets delivered to swift cycles with my size.

  • Hello.

    I do. Good bikes.
    Did you want to know anything about them?

  • not me .. @user37900 does

  • Pming

  • Yeah I got that. Only the hello was for you!
    The rest for Anon.

  • They dont do a small . Thats all i noticed but i like the carbon fork for £299

  • They told me they'll get the smaller sizes in around 4 weeks. So hopefully by new years. Good way to start the year me thinks.

  • I should ask more about the fork as in the pictures it looks ruff and unfinished . Plus what will the lower height do to my already tiny cooper cx geometry rather than the kinesis cc fork ?.

  • Twitter line lists lots of new stock now made in somewhere snowy in Europe. I just wished they did a 49 .

  • Following up on this thread. I'm keen on the Strael 2.0

    How do you rate the frame? I've been tossing up between a Caad12 Disc or this atm. I know the caad has more aggressive geometry, but the reviews of the Strael talk about a good level of stiffness and power transfer.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • That reminds me. Saw an orange painted on CS2 yesterday. Nice.

  • Are you going to be racing on it? If not stiffness and power transfer don't matter, go for comfort and function and quite possibly aesthetics.

  • I like it a lot, genuinely.

    I don’t think the caad is that much more aggressive.

    I wouldn’t be getting aluminium. I don’t like that. Harsh, dents easily. Steel is better. Or carbon.

    Stiffness and power transfer is a red herring. Unless your Andre Griepl sprinting for a win. It’s more than stiff enough. There is a thing as too stiff. And the strael is a good blend of stiffness and comfort.

  • I,m sure you subscribed to their new newsletter and got all the recent updates they have done with the rear end . I even went to londons swift to check it out , But they have not gone for a 49 in the new builds . Great price for a braised up steel frame otherwise.

  • Yeah I considered these before I finally found a 48 ritchey. The sizing is a bummer. I also like brother cycles for SS but the smallest they do is a 52 or something ridic.

  • No plans to race. Sold my caad10 and selling my awol. I’m after a disc road bike I can use to keep up on group rides, commute on and stick some bigger tyres on for some unsealed roads.

  • Ha good point! I don’t have the legs to boot too hard. I’d like a steel frame that’s sprightly enough and not so sedentory

  • For those needs, it’s perfect match.

  • Anyone any thoughts on the new secan? No design notes on the website but sounds like they may have released preview info on their newsletter which I’m not signed up to!?

  • Can't find much info on it still. It's not entirely clear from the website if the Strael 2.0 is available either.

  • I’ve put a deposit on the Secan presale but they have become fairly unresponsive and I haven’t seen the lookbook yet. It’s starting to get a bit disappointing tbh.

  • Yep same. Its a fair bit of dollar to drop for me tbh so hoping that their frames are top notch and their comms' are just sh*te. Guessing small operation and that they're focussing on organising builds etc but it doesn't take a great deal of time to send an email out to people.....

  • Annoying thing is that before I dropped any coin Dom was very communicative. I am assuming they are getting smashed with Steal 2.0

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Fairlight cycles - any opinions?

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