Fun local clubs in Brum/Black Country?

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  • Recently moved back to the area after living in the south east for a few years only to find now I have no cycle mates (tragic I know) to go on rides/generally piss about with. Anyone on here a member of or can reccomend any decent clubs round 'ere?

  • Our family friends run Wolverhampton Wheelers and I've always heard good things, but never been a member myself. (My own interest in cycling came after moving to the south east!)

  • I'd not heard of them actually, a good suggestion I never knew there was an outdoor velodrome so near to home! And yes that part of the world is made for riding bikes, miss it already!

  • The centre of Brum is pretty rubbish for cycling clubs. Outside however, there's a fair few really good ones. The big three :-

    Wolverhampton Wheelers - Have their own outdoor velodrome at Aldersley and run 2-3 training sessions a week. Have multiple well attended club runs for various abilities. Also have specific sessions for kids and women. Lots of racing opportunities across track, road, tt and cross. Any Tennant of Team Pursuit / Team Wiggins fame started out here.

    Halesowen Cycling Club - Also have their own outdoor velodrome, but this one is actually owned by the club (Wheelers velodrome is owned by the council). Membership is more expensive because of this. Again, similar track training sessions and various group rides. Jess Varnish started out here.

    Solihull Cycling Club - Have their own crit circuit in Tudor Grange, on which they have training sessions and races. Huge turn outs for their various club runs. Good mix of people kids/women/men

    Others :-

    Beacon Roads - South Brum club, heavily involved in TTs.
    Warwickshire Road Club - Another South Brum club, again heavily involved in TTs. Run evening 10s through the summer and an open 10. Tiny club, and can struggle to get riders for club runs. I'm a member here - was sucked in by the forced tea/coffee and cake after 10s back at the club room
    Rapha Cycling Club - There's a few members scattered around the midlands/warwickshire and meet for monthly rides. I'm also a member here.

    Bicicielo (Centre of Brum) and Dynamic Rides (South Brum) both 'boutique' cycle shops with a cafe that organise well attended rides on a Saturday morning

  • Enjoyed riding with Beacon Roads when I lived there. Their Wednesday ride will whip anyone into shape. Brutal.

  • Bumping this. Just moved to Dudley. Hoping there’s something closer than driving for 30-45min

  • I live in Dudley too!

    Still haven't joined a club however a couple of my pals sometimes ride with a club called StourBug (Stourbridge based) however I think it's mainly older/slower riders.

  • Snap. Glad to hear there’s others nearby. Whereabouts? I’m near (ish) to the town centre opp queens road I think

    My friend has mentioned Halesowen and a few others.

  • I'm down by Russell's Hall Hospital, yeah I think I'll more than likely join Halesowen in the lead up to the track season, think they offer half year memberships at a reasonable price.

    Anyway welcome to the area, hope you're settling in ok. If you need pointing in the right direction of LBS (or anything else for that matter) feel free to give me a shout.

    Cycling-wise we're pretty lucky around here to have both inner city Birmingham and the rolling hills of rural stafford/shropshire within a 20minute jaunt. Haven't been getting out that much recently but would be happy to show you some routes on one of the weekends if it suits.

  • Fantastic. Not too far from at all.

    Yeah it’s nice. Quiet round ere and cheaper too hence the move from London with the family.

    Inner city doesn’t entice like it would London. I work in Shrewsbury and those lanes are where I want to be really. i pass through gornal then it’s the b4176 to Telford before m54/a5

    I will definitely take you up on that. Let me know when your free. I’ve just got back on the bike yesterday so fitness is not there.

  • Ah I lived in Russells Hall for most of my life up until about a year and a half ago before moving to the big smoke! My parents still live there. Whats it like cycling around those parts? When I came back over Christmas I was toying with bringing the bike back as well but don't think I'd feel that safe on those roads

  • OK wicked I'll PM you, will most likely be a Sat/Sunday morning if that works for you?

  • Ah no way, thought I was the only forumger from round ere!

    It's not too bad but the standard of driving is definitely not great compared to other parts of the country I've lived in and alot of the road surfaces are shite, towns and main roads can sometimes be sketchy but once you get out past K'ford and into the countryside it's lovely.

    Sounds like I moved back just as you were leaving go figure!

  • Yeah I've noticed a lot of cyclists around K'ford now which is always reassuring. Should try a few roads around Clent Hills, I'm guessing the Halesowen Club would visit those a fair bit but they look a good challenge!


    Also a friend of mine goes on a lot of group rides with these boys they seem top notch

  • Yup one of my regular routes has Clent in it, bonked many a time in a feeble attempts to try KOM the nasty one!

    And thanks dude I'll check that place out.

    If you're ever back in the area and fancy a spin give me a shout :-)

  • Sound!!

    Weekend is fine. Early as.

  • Inner city doesn’t entice like it would London. I work in Shrewsbury and those lanes are where I want to be really. i pass through gornal then it’s the b4176 to Telford before m54/a5

    There's a really nice route out to Shrewsbury via Ironbridge Gorge if you ever feel like cycling to work

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Fun local clubs in Brum/Black Country?

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