Cycling-specific jeans

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  • Would buy.... but not my size... and THAT COLOUR IS MUCH!!!

  • Yeah the original carrot fit commuter Levis circa 2011 were great

  • I've got a pair of Muxu Ride jeans which I'm really happy with. Stretchy and seamless crotch.

  • Seagale does a jeans like synthetic pants. Much like Outlier, only way cheaper. So no import duties because they are French.

  • The original 2011 commuters lasted me around 5 years, the later redesigned ones lasted less than a year. I think as mentioned earlier they were actually too good a product and Levis stopped it.

    Have a pair of the SWRVE cordura jeans and they have held up, but they look terrible because the dye has worn away even though the fabric is still fine.

  • Yeah I found that with the swrve cordura trousers. No gaping holes though which is nice. My attempts to re-dye them have all turned out terribly as there doesn’t seem to be enough cotton / natural fibres in them for the dye to take.

    I bought some swrve mid-weight wwr trousers which have been great so far. No colour fading, stretch so don’t restrict movement, and dry really fast which is a bonus

  • Ive found that buying Old Navy stretch slim jeans in the next size down from the size i usually wear works out great.

  • Forum approved jean?

    RIP my Levi511 commuter, am down to my last pair. I think I originally had 4.

  • Hi,
    I'm looking for a new pair of cycling jeans, and I would like to know how the resolute bay ones fit? I tried a Levi's commuter 32x32 but it was very tight. I normally suit 32x32 in other brands.
    Should I take the W34 ? W36?

  • Sorry, hadn't seen this. The answer is Swrve.

  • They don’t come up small compared to my daily Levi’s.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Had two Swrve pairs, worn them through one after the other. Currently in a pair of Uniqlo (the wear-through event of the 2nd Swrve pair happened as I was next to one of their shops) and I quite like them.

  • Given up on cycle specific jeans altogether as they all wear out in months. Now I just ride in primark slim jeans. £10, with stretch and a button fly. No gusset but my saddle has a cut out anyway.

  • I picked up a couple of pairs of the Uniqlo selvedge stretch ones last time they were doing them for £15 & they're great for the price, even for £35 or whatever they are now - only ever worn them for cycling to the station or whatever (20 mins tops) but they've held up pretty well, just got the crotch reinforced as they were starting to fray a bit & they look like new again

  • Can't fault my indigo Muxu's. Commute 20 miles a day in them and plenty of wear off the bike. Have also done big walks and climbing in them as they're very stretchy.

  • Second the uniqlo selvedge stretch - been through about ten pairs now over the years. Once they begin to fray, buy some new ones and cut the old ones off. Get a tailor to fix the hems and reinforce the crotch - I go to a great but surly guy in Angel. Then you constantly have a pair of new summer shorts. Have now been locked in this rotation for about a decade..

  • I have used two pairs of Rapha Loopback for about a year now and they still look like new. Apart from the crap zippers for the pockets, I'm very happy and will buy again.

    I think that they're often in the seasonal sales

  • Also, bought some Levi’s with a bit of stretch, can’t remember the exact model. Over double the price and I can’t really see the difference from the Uniqlo versions.

  • I like my muxus too, but I don't feel that they're the most stylish. Usually not an issue for me.

  • Do they last? Do you think about the supply chain? This isn't a snipe, I'm genuinely curious whether it's something you consider. If the £10 jeans last longer than the more expensive ones then they're probably better in terms of environmental impact.

  • They last about the same, certainly longer than the Rapha and Muxu jeans that failed after three months. Insofar as supply chain I have to admit to being ignorant, each company claims to be ethical, I know primark certainly had a shady past but are supposed to be reformed.
    Either way, I have a fabric obsessed sibling so nothing gets thrown away once I’m finished using them.
    Basically I have not found better value in cycling specific jeans to the primark ones, in my experience with my setup.

  • I've got these which don't have any additional "styling" like some of the others­apanese-denim-indigo-slim-fit-jean

    I've got short wide legs so no jeans look great on me. Found the cut on Muxu to be a little bit more athletic rather than skinny high st.

  • Worth noting the black slim lightweight versions were neither stretchy nor hardwearing IME.

  • I thought Uniqlo’s supply chain was relatively ok no? They say they are anyway­planet/product/

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Cycling-specific jeans

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