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  • Talking of new frontiers, some Shimano STX cantis turned up. With the rack on the front looks like I'll need a longer straddle(?) cable but not a big deal.

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  • You can use the frame itself as an anchor to bend the center strut. Just leave the canti posts un mounted, but the center done up tight and pull up. I’ve done it, worked well.

    Also you can mount a fork mounted cable stop behind the rack to get a good straddle cable angle and decreased shutter.

  • I considered using the fork bridge to bend the rack, but think I'll do this off the bike in a vice. Being chrome plated and 44 years old just want to play it safe, although alu the rack is quite beefy. Good shout on the fork mounted cable hanger, was worried the stem mounted unit might kink the cable slightly as there's not a lot of room.

  • Pretty sure that’s stainless, not alu btw.

  • You're right, I'll stick this in the vice.

  • What Mudguards are you using and what width if you can remember?

  • Velo Orange 45mm.

  • Make the triple great again. Bit filthy but should clean up okay, will enjoy doing this now I've done the hard part of sourcing the group.

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  • Good find!

  • Cooking on gas now. Only fly in the ointment is the limit screws on the rear mech are seized in place and the heads have rounded. Not too surprising as every nut on the group was red-face-tight. The fact it'll probably take a lifetime to find another isn't lost on me. Now where's that drill?

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  • Ooooof that is a stylish combination of bicycle components

  • Nice. Interested to see where you go, bdhu-wise, on the brifters.

  • Perfect group for that frame!

  • Looks great. Nice bar/hood positioning as well.

  • Jambon's back! F*ck yeah!

    Great build as always.

  • i have had quick success with the same problem in the past with a drill.
    as i understood from tester a normal bit with normal drill direction already does something "physics/engineering" that the screw unscrews by itself. *
    failing that a screwunscrewdrillbit.
    i´m a bit lost for words it seems.
    *no guarantee from internet stranger

  • Thanks for all the love. Not quite sure if the silver wheels 'work' with the look but no doubt some black bar tape will tone down the shiny-ness. They came with the group and will get me rolling so can stay for now.

    The rear mech is fighting me, both screw heads have snapped off so have bought a small cutting disc to hopefully flatten the rear of the threads and drill them out from the back.

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