Winter Caad5 USA + Isen no12

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  • For free!? I suppose you can't complain, although you would want to eh.
    Looking at his saddle to bar height he must be in quite an upright riding position compared to you no? Any aerogains on the factor bike can't make up for position.
    What happens when he increases flexibility? Do factor sell those stems at all angels/lengths? Looks like a tough one to live with.

  • Even for free the stem should be thrown in the Thames. Ha, well I'll gladly take 2nds then. But if I were you I'd being holding onto it for a long time. Enjoy

  • Yeah he spends a lot of time in the drops to be fair. I assume that they would sell different stems as they can't all be that bad, but there's no adjustability in them sadly.

  • So after payday the Bmc is getting closer, will hopefully be looking at wheels this evening but I did pick up this earlier! Quite pleased with them.

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  • Also just picked up these:
    Arione 00
    Black inc wheels with dt Swiss 350 hubs

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  • Just picked up the BMC and took it straight out with flat pedals and wearing jeans, I can't wait till tomorrow for a proper ride and to take some actual photographs!

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  • Isen no12. With moving out from my parents and saving for a deposit, this build is going to take a while!

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  • BMC is almost complete, I’d like a Zipp sprint stem to match the bars. Also I’ll eventually slam it too. It weighs in at 7.3kg

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  • Zipp sprint stem

    if you sell me the isen then you can afford this, no worries.

  • Like the cheeky chubby bobcat.

  • True but no! It’s going to become a collectors item as NOS and first batch

  • Ultegra r8020 arrived yesterday! I’m hoping to get the Isen rolling by spring! I can’t decide what size tyre to get panaracer gravel king 1.5” or 1.75”

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  • Having run both on mine I would go for 1.5". You theoretically have more clearance, but with mud it gets lost quite quickly, plus with much lower pressures you can run they can rub under corning/big bumps if you push the clearance too much.

  • So i haven’t updated this page for a while, I’m loving the Isen. Attached is a picture of it at Cambridge station after doing 200miles while I was waiting for a beer.

    It weighs in at 10.52kg excluding the frame bag etc, I’m trying to get it down to 8.9999 if possible as I’ve stupidly signed up to RB timelaps and want a bike I can race on as the BMC is no more.

    Any suggestions on making it more lightweight would be good, apart from the obvious: new wheels, cut the steerer and bottle cages

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  • Some more pics of it finished

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  • Lovely build. Out of interest why the desire to get it down to that weight?

  • More for versatility, I’m currently using 650b wheels with 1.5” tyres so with a set of half decent 700c with 28/25c would improve speed. I’m finding I’m struggling with the longer rides to hold pace so want to reduce some weight.

    It currently weighs 6.72kg without wheels for reference.

  • Finishing kit. The Zipp stuff is pretty burly.

  • Yeah but let’s see the caad

  • after doing 200miles while I was waiting for a beer.

    Quite a queue at the bar then.

  • I knew this would pop up, I’m planning on stripping it down over the weekend and will update the thread once it’s done. It needs abit of tlc prior to the build

  • Fair enough, yeah might help. Ive got 30c strada biancas on mine which i just run year round now with mudguards which seems plenty fast. Still weighs over 10kg from my estimate with all the bits on but i use it as my everything bike.

    Then again after 200 miles i think most people would be struggling to hold any kind of pace...

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Winter Caad5 USA + Isen no12

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