Winter Caad5 USA + Isen no12

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  • So I picked up the Caad5 a couple of weeks ago of EBay for just over £200 which I was quite pleased about and gives me extra cash for upgrades. The 105 group set works well and am probably going to run throughout winter but after was thinking of changing it. I want to go modern but am not a fan of the silver 105 5800 so am considering switching to campagnolo, any advice? Also will headset, seatpost, stem and saddle needs to be changed soon. With priorities being the stem and headset as they are period for the time it was made. Was thinking of Thomson for stem and seatpost as run that on my fixed and am a fan. It also needs winter tyres as the current ones aren't great so was planning on armadillos but not sure whether to go 28 or 25s as comfort/proper mudguards.

    I also picked up a BMC tmr01 for racing next year, will be more of a slow build and will hopefully be completed by summer. Was planning on either Ultegra or SRAM Force groupset and with Zipp finishing kit. Not 100% on the wheels as want something aero e.g Zipp 404s but money money money. Any advice/guidance with this build will be appreciated.

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  • Nice dog.

    Whats wrong with black 105 for the CAAD?
    Force/Rival should be the right level for a racing bike. Just get some Chinese carbon for cheaps. You wont worry about messing them up in a crash.

  • @croft I'm a fan of a silver chain set but I get where you are coming from, the black 105 is nice.

    Would it be a good idea to go full Chinese hubs included or just the rims and get some half decent hubs?

  • SRAM on an old CAAD? 'Murca! Campag would be rude.

    Bitex/novatec are fine for that kind of thing. Especially if you're saving the ££s.
    Also, that CAAD is friggin' rad!

  • Excuse the hipster filter, but my mate's old school 'merica caad with modern sram. I think they look rad with modern groups, save the silver for a less lairy project!

  • @croft maybe keeping it full USA is the best idea, Sram, Thomson and possible Ritchey. Cheers, I'm glad the photos loaded

    @PhilDAS that's lovely and SRAM it is then

  • I am tempted to sell my CAAD10 which is built with red22 .. could split. Its also all american build :)

  • Aren't SMP Italian? ;)

  • @amey that's tempting, I'll send you a pm

  • Do you know what handle bars they are please?

  • Not entierly sure. @Jules may be able to tell you.
    The Deda RHM01 I've got are very similar and cheap

  • The bars are Planet X Strada

  • Thanks guys @Jules @PhilDAS

  • After a while with the BMC up for sale I decided to keep it and build it! I've got a mix of DA9000 and ultegra groupset. Just need bars, saddle and wheels. I'm going to take it to my lbs next week so hopefully I can gather the rest of the parts in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Keep it and sell the caad :) dibs

  • Haha, I am contemplating on getting something with larger tyre clearances for next winter so that could be possible

  • Haha sweet. Do let me know before it goes up for sale then

  • very nice bits. this is going to be mint. Integrated brakes? Nom. Even the dog matches.

  • @Phildas will do!
    @BernardRenault yes with integrated brakes, means 25c max though. Good spot, I didn't even realise that ha

  • You asked about wheels for the BMC which aren't 404 pricey.
    I just picked up a set of Parcours Passista with code 'RMNC10' (gives 10% off) for about £700 ish.
    They are slightly wider and lighter than 404s, and with 25C GP4000s there's about 1mm of clearance on the seat post cut out on my TMR01. These are life savers, as my old zipps (pre 404) were narrow and shockingly unforgiving. As you can imagine this Frameset is pretty stiff so I recommend pursuing a bit of compliance/comfort wherever you can.

  • Interesting I'll definitely have a look into them, thank you very much. They look pretty wide, did you adjust the brakes a lot?

  • They fit very nicely with a 1mm spacer. Actually, if your frame came sans any parts like spacers I might be able to help you out as I bought a bunch 'just in case', you can order parts via Evans too (actually it's the only way BMC will do it and sadly Evans add a very real chunk on top of each price)
    As for brake difficulty, they are really challenging to get right, ensure you cable your rear brake through the correct side of the frame and keep the outer cable as short as possible. This might sound like I'm stating the obvious but the STI to V-Brake translation can be unforgiving.

  • Honestly I'm not sure, I think the seller gave me everything as he was a solid chap but time will tell once I get it built. Anyway was riding today with friends and made me want to finish the Bmc even more. I did beat the Factor rider in most situations but my god that thing goes!

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  • Please sell me that Caad 5! Also noone should ever envy that factors front end.

  • Agreed with the Factor front end. it's not adjustable at all as well but he got it for free so why complain! Well Phildas has first dibs but will be a little while till I sell it

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Winter Caad5 USA + Isen no12

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