Gaggia Expresso machine

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  • Morning, I've a Gaggia Evolution in a rather fetching red to get rid of - simply not being used. I prefer the stovetop pots.

    Good condition and just de-scaled. Comes with large and small baskets. I haven't been able to locate the tamper though. But it does have a jug for steaming the milk.

    One small point to be aware of is that a plastic strut in the base has snapped. The base now flexes marginally when inserting the coffee holder. Perfectly fine in operation.

    Collection only from Sw11 for £25.



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  • GF said no! ultra bargainz!

  • Pmed

  • Just sharing the coffee love.

  • If this hasn't sold drop me a PM, and I'll buy it before asking GF.

  • Always easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

  • Want it, but too far away


  • I'll tell her I bought it by accident on ebay, that's how I ended up with the supersix... honest

  • An expresso machine, you say?

  • Will take this if not gone!

  • eSpresso ;)

  • Nope. Expresso. Tiny cup. 2 spoons of Mellow Birds, no milk, a little bit of hot water. Expresso.

  • Expresso is an incorrect spelling of the word espresso.­

  • .

  • What you described is most likely Ristretto 😉

  • OED has expresso as an acceptable variant of espresso....the word used by the espresso which is probably the original ie Italian both are right.

  • As often happens, Wikipedia is wrong.

    The drink was originally invented in America in the 1930s and was popularised during the war, where there often wasn't the capacity to carry a full cup of coffee so they made a stronger, shorter version for their caffeine hit and called it an 'Express Joe'. This was later contracted to expresso.

    The Italians call it espresso because there is no sound for X in Italian, but the original has more claim to be correct.

  • Not from the Latin word "esprimere" meaning pressed out then?

  • Maybe that too.

    But mainly my thing.

  • Maybe. However, first espresso machine was invented in Italy way before the WW1 and re-modelled again in Milan in the beginning of the 20th century.
    Americans like to do re-makes on everything ;)
    Espresso is very easy to pronounce even for Brits (not like bruschetta or focaccia for example). No point to re-invent the wheel and call it differently.

  • Or campaGnolo ;)

  • Pretty sure thats complete bullshit.

  • Only pretty sure?

  • heres a photo from the 1906 Milan fair with the word Espresso above Desiderio Pavoni (pretty much the inventor of the modern espresso shot). Obviously predates the 1930's.

    Read this Hefty and stop talking shite.­re/the-long-history-of-the-espresso-mach­ine-126012814/?no-ist

  • What you said sounds a little bit like the claim that an Americano has its name because during the war american soldiers couldnt handle the strong espresso and would add hot water.

    I've no idea if thats true but sounds plausible.

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Gaggia Expresso machine

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