• I have through no virtues of my own two similar bikes (one a 753 bought here). My Bianchi built up last year needs to go. I'd be very happy to trade - for a contemporary but used cf bike (Scott/cervelo) with an adjustment as necessary, or sell to recover my costs of bringing the frame and forks over and parts used. I reckon that was at least £850 excluding the build so that's what I would ask. The bike has been offered elsewhere. It seems people don't understand a Bianchi that's not Celeste ... fools! I hunted high and low for this reversed colour combination, its so much less tacky.
    It's a genius frame with genius forks (light and stiff) from the early 90s built up with some nice parts including new da 9000 bottom bracket, 10speed da shifters (also new) chain and cables new at build; ultegra cranks and ta Hegoa rings in the traditional sizes; sram force brakeset (elegant in my opinion); prima 199 bars, control tech seatpost, nice stronglight a9 lightweight headset (new at build) and ambrosio excellights in a 28/28 combination on lovely dura ace 7800 hubs with a good wide range ultegra cassette and with barely used fortezza tricomps and lightweight tubes. Shifting from the downtube shifters is rifle-like, everthing works perfectly. The frame and forks are half chromed and the chrome work is perfect. The paintwork if not perfect is extremely good; absolutely no dings of any sort. Through top tube routing and various nice details. This is a tig welded bike from the early 90s and is light for its time. I'm 6ft. 1" with longish legs so in the market for something in the 58/59cm bracket. Would prefer to do this in London. I'd also like to keep my saddle and pedals.

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  • Sorry, should add, size is 59 cm bottom to top; 57.5 cm top tube, and price excludes paypal fees.

  • chrome work and driveside pics. I would hope.

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  • Christ, what's wrong with it, no interest at all ...? Someone say something. More pictures, would that be helpful?

    She's beautiful and rides fantastically. I promise.

  • That's a relief. The sky is beginning to clear.

  • Despite popular demand, another pic.

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  • I'm withdrawing this.


Trade or sell (£850) Bianchi columbus genius, da/ultegra/excellights

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