Talbot Four Seasons

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  • The name of thread. That's all I know so far. It's happening though and I am super duper excited for it.

  • After you said Orlowski was too expensive for what you needed, something must have really changed your mind. Any ideas for paint yet?

  • One of those trendy adventure types?

  • Ooh I hope this has disc brakes, room for fat tyres and a fancy paintjob.

  • POW! Told you Matt would sort you out. TIG? Mine will be surfacing soon hopefully.
    You can be part of the Talbot BCM Assault Team next year.

  • fancy paintjob.

    Asked about this because Talbot only seem to be able to pump out fancy paintwork on these:

  • Another fecking talbot with disc's. Yawn. Subbed :)

  • Came to the conclusion that I wanted something nice otherwise I'd never be happy.

    Had a Cross Check and an Emonda. Sold 'em both and this will cover both bases. So will have Talbot and a Genesis Flyer. More than adequate I think. Also three bikes in my flat looked awful - was not a fan.

    Will be TIG, have discs, integrated lighting, mudguards etc. All sensible stuff.

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  • #Brexit.

    £2861 for frame forks and rack. Thanks but no thanks.

  • ^^ made me lol tho

  • Is Talbot much more than Orlowski post brexit?

  • Would you rather have this or 22 insulated Rapha gilets?

  • soz just one more

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  • most importantly are all 'on point' things like flat mount happening?

    Matt can make a sexy flat mount internally routed steel fork.

  • I give it 6 months before you want a nice light bike for summer funtimes.

  • Like his NJS biek?
    Oh Wait....

  • £2861 for frame forks and rack. Thanks but no thanks.

    £2861 for an Orlow? I thought they were much cheaper.

  • That's not Orlowski and missing the joke

  • That's not Orlowski

    I know. At the time of my comment I didn't realize they were talking about the bike in the picture. It all makes sense now, thanks.

  • I'm just annoyed JB isn't my size otherwise I could call dibs :p

    Joking - this will be a cracker I'm sure and maybe see a few more audax miles, eh @jb

  • Exactly @tenderloin - in reality I'm just building the perfect bike for LEL and BCM which will inevitably happen again next year.

    You can all mock me but I don't ride fast anymore. I just ride really far, and this'll be the perfect bike for it.

  • What is 'integrated lighting'?

  • How much clearance are we talking?

  • Well, lights factored into the whole thing. Internally routed etc.

    Dunno. Road a-c probs.

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Talbot Four Seasons

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