Transcontinental Race No. 5 - TCR5 - #TCRN05 - 2017

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  • There's a heritage and a tradition of what we now call "adventure cycling " within British and Irish cycle touring. Ian Hibberd , Dervla Murphy and others did challenging rides in the 50s and 60s. Before the war, CTC members toured Albania in their 2 week summer holiday. Then there are the Crane brothers from the 80s.

    So it's never just been about gentle rides ...

  • Frasier and Niles?

  • Not heard of their exploits. No, Nick Crane , who is on Coast and his brother. Two big rides are worth mentioning. One was up Kilimanjaro on very early MTBs. The other was a ride on road bikes( not dissimilar to an adventure bike) from the Bay of Bengal to some where in Mongolia. That was understood to be the point on earth furthest away from the sea.

  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth is well worth a read (there's a pdf floating around online). Amazing approach to uber lightweight touring 40 years ago.

  • DARAG Browne finished yesterday afternoon.

    Only David Coulon remains on the road. He is not covering as much distance each day as he was and still has 460 km to go. He has had tyre trouble and problems with a buckled wheel as well as dogs and the heat.

  • David Coulon is really struggling. He has been trying to complete the ride without using an Hotel but was forced into one two days ago sick and unsurprisingly filthy. He is still moving forward but only a few hours a day. Hopefully he recovers quickly and can up his pace.

  • Back to work now and it seems all very surreal.

    Thanks for your support. It took me so much longer than planned, but I am so proud of our little group at the back and so happy I got to the finish.

    @hippy thanks for sharing Mike's quote. This race has definitely had a huge impact on me, far greater than I could have ever imagined. I was so nervous about riding it solo but so glad I did.

  • That must be quite a comedown - it's hard enough to adjust to life post dot-watching, so I can only imagine what it's like for the participants! Any more adventures planned?

  • Well done, Wiesia!

  • Congrats Wiesia. so much respect for what you and the rest have done.

  • In awe of your achievement. Well done.

  • REP x Lots.

  • No wuckers. Glad you experienced the race and happy you got to enjoy it all the way to the finish.

  • Yeah, I've moved on from being excited about other races to just being meh about the whole work thing. Holy shit endless meetings and pointless wankery. I could be curing cancer..

    I just I just want to fuck off somewhere and start a new adventure.

  • @Wiesia, well done for sticking it out.. inspirational stuff!!

  • What am I looking at? Argh! How many Columbias are there?!

  • well done Wiesia. Massive respect for racing this to the end

  • Looks like David Coulon is back on the move today. 250km to the finish.

  • Is it still stinking hot out there? I honestly can't comprehend cycling in 45 degrees.

  • He's moving. 325 km to finish according to Free Route.

    He tweeted earlier (20 hours ago):

    Ok I am sick again but tomorrow I will try to finish this race. Go through Macedonia. Will see.

    He also tweeted his playlist. All after my time I fear.

    Tom zé, nick Drake, mutukudzi, Benedetto Ferrari, DJ Vadim, Mancini, Cash, Gabin, paoli it's a long route fortunately the playlist is good

  • nick Drake, Mancini, Cash,

    You're not that old.
    (That would make a very odd supergroup)

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Transcontinental Race No. 5 - TCR5 - #TCRN05 - 2017

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