Transcontinental Race No. 5 - TCR5 - #TCRN05 - 2017

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  • TCR No.5 incoming...


    Speculation has been rife recently about what is in store for the PEdAL ED Transcontinental No 5. We've been enjoying teasing you with some images on our Instagram pages and I can tell you that the last three pictures are of the same climb and, as with the new cover photo on the website, have nothing to do with TCRNo5.

    Mean aren't we?

    Fear not though because very soon all will be revealed. PEdAL ED as you may know made a nice film about No.4 and followed their man Jacopo all the way on his second time to Turkey. The film will be premiered this Friday at the Upcycle cafe in Milan and our Mike will be there to make a couple of special announcements. These announcements will go out on Facebook live at around 9pm GMT / 10pm CET. Unfortunately the PEdAL ED film will not be live streamed but you will be able to see that soon - head on over to and sign up for their newsletter and they will let you know when and how.

    As well as the news everyone wants to know we will also be bringing you news of a special competition, which you are not going to want to miss. All I will tell you now is that PEdAL ED and our other supporters are all getting involved and its going to involve our TCR Strava club so you may want to be checking that out in the mean time.

    Would-be entrants may also wish to head over to our blog where we have a heads up on how the entry system will be more or less the same but a bit different for TCRNo5.

    Registration will open for No.5 on 7th November.

    Once entries are underway we will also be putting the call out to see who wants to get involved and volunteer on next year's race. We will again be looking for dot watchers, controls staff and many more including an interesting new volunteer role of researcher.

    Key Links:

    Other Links:

  • TCR Strava club

    I'm out: your loss TCR.


  • bro do u even strava?

  • Skinny for the win

  • @skinny make sure you sort out all your TUEs before the race this time. No more spluttering starts.

  • ha!

    I think the increased fees for 'sponsored' riders is a good idea. And lower fees for 'free' riders. I like that.

  • Can I claim £40 for this year's race? It'll help pay my arse's medical bills.

  • Really excited to see the checkpoints. Also getting nervous that I won't get a place.

  • I really enjoyed following this years race, so looking forward to next years already.

    On a slightly related matter, can anyone tell me the name of the piece of music that was used on the video this year that featured Hippy?

  • Start Geraardsbergen
    CP1: Schloss Lichtenstein
    CP2: Monte Grappa
    CP3: High Tatras mountains
    CP4: Transfarasagan Highway
    Finish: Meteora

    What an exciting route!

    5 hour train ride back to Athens at the end though, ball ache.

  • I don't think it's the 5h train ride that's going to be the ball ache part.

  • I'd mentally prepared for cycling 4000km. Not for that train ride :p

    Assuming you're entering again this year?

  • Indeed.
    Route looks good.

  • I really want to do this but I'm applying for a whole pile of jobs that'd take place during it.

    This looks like the safest route so far

  • I'd love to do it too but I won't be able to next year. I really like the route. I know the areas of a few of the controls.
    I did a tour in the Black Forest last summer; which is close to the first control; some people might go through the Black Forest on the way to it (although I'd look for a way round to the north as there are some steep climbs!)
    I rode right past Monte Grappa on my way back up to Alleghe from my Alps-avoidance in Italy. I think I remember where it is because the mountains just appeared at one point and, as it was late-afternoon, there was suddenly no sun in the valley.
    I did a tour over the high Tatras a couple of years ago. It's very pretty and it is also really gentle climbing from the Slovakian side, less than 5%.
    Not been anwhere near Transfarasagan - although I've wanted to for years. It always looks stunning. That will probably be the highlight.
    And I went to Meteora when I was a student on a backpacking trip in about 1988. It's one of the most stunning places I've been and I expect it won't have changed much!

    Good luck everyone, I look forward to dot-watching and reading stories!

  • It's very pretty and it is also really gentle climbing from the
    Slovenian side, less than 5%.


  • Any ideas about where the tatras checkpoint might be?

  • Yes, sorry - thanks!

  • Any ideas about where the tatras checkpoint might be?

    I don't think it has been decided yet. Something about Mike 'negotiating with the national park authorities' on facebook.

  • Has everyone finished their route planning yet? :P

  • Read the blurb under the youtube video, Francis listed it.

    Music by:

  • Interesting choice of controls next year. Having a variety of route options makes for great dot-watching. I'm glad Mike hasn't handcuffed himself to finishing in Turkey, or even on the coast. It's good to mix it up. Personally, I'm very happy to see it go longer and flatter too. I don't think I can make it back for next year but hopefully that trend continues for No6, when I do.

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Transcontinental Race No. 5 - TCR5 - #TCRN05 - 2017

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