Cold War 2.0

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  • Is what they're calling it.

    Russia; empty threats and show of force, or should we be building bomb shelters?

  • I came here expecting a bike or a computer game. dafuq are you talking about?

  • It's gonna kick off.

  • Bloody Russians...

  • govts have to get rid of the massive debt they have accumulated over the last half a century
    and they aren't going to pay it off

  • Going to war would make more debt

  • Who's "they"?

    I wouldn't lose any sleep over it – lots of posturing over embargoes etc.

  • good luck chasing your digital iou's in a post apocolypse stone age

  • debt, what debt ?

  • Yeh, Thats why I think it's being called 2.0. I am fortunate/unfortunate enough to have not been alive during the cold war of yore, but it all just seems like theatrical muscle flexing.

    Famous last words...

  • Fat rich white dudes shaking their dicks at other fat rich white dudes at everyone else's expense.

  • bet their sons are in charge of arms procurement back in washington dc rather than out in the front line with the grunts

  • Wait until 'Merca get their new Prime Minister
    Either will be keen to warm up a cold war.

  • Not sure about that. Trump seems to have respect for Putin and vice versa.
    Without getting too conspiracy, trump or Clinton probably won't have much say either way.

  • Its called willy waving
    (At least until Hillary is elected)

  • Because she doesn't have a willy?

  • Yup

  • So does it then become a flap attack?

  • New line of energy bars

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Cold War 2.0

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