• The UN suggest at least 20% of any transport budget with the following considerations

    Introduce a national or city non-motorised user (NMT) policy if you don’t have one. If you do have a policy do you need to revise it?

    Set aside at least 20% of the total transport budget to fund NMT programmes at national and city level. Measure the measurable goals, then collect the data you need and evaluate your success.

    Ask users where they walk or ride and what they need. Pay particular attention to more vulnerable users, such as women, children, elderly people and people with mobility challenges.

    Have the "political will" to make change, actively championing cycling and walking as modes of equal status to private cars.


    We have a long way to go. I think we spend about 1%

  • That would be an amazing amount.

    In the last budget £29bn was allocated for transport. If 10% of that was spent on active transport we'd be spending £30 per head which is about £10 more than the Dutch....we need to catch up as they've been spending a whole load more than we have since the early 70's.

    I think 5% of the next budget working its way up to 10% over the next few years is realistic. There is no point in having the money if we haven't the knowledge and infrastructure to build the infrastructure so to speak.

  • no point in having the money if we haven't the knowledge and infrastructure to build the infrastructure

    I think many people here do have the knowledge though you are right about the infrastructure which should demonstrate political will. So the infrastructure required may well be the appointment of a ministerial department responsible solely for walking and cycling.

    The Cycling and walking investment strategy (CWIS) is a small step with a small budget but perhaps a potential to begin building govorment infrastructure (to build the infrastructure, so to speak)

  • ministerial department responsible solely for walking and cycling

    So that the daily mail can liken it to the ministry of silly walks.

  • Many people do have the knowledge but not nearly enough to increase spending from 1% to 20% across the U.K. In one year. I think we'd be setting ourselves up to fail to easily. If we got the money and didn't spend it well or at all, it could possible be a long time before we saw the money again.

  • Yes you're right. Would need to be an annual increase with a target date, say by 2025 to reach the 20% amount.

  • There is an 95% chance of this...

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How much should governments spend on cycling/walking?

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