London League IX

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  • BANG BANG: Chucker knows all!

    "Arrange and announce games, talk shit and make bets on this thread. The teams and link to the league table are in this post; fixtures and scheduled games are listed in post #2.

    Spectators, hecklers, beer drinkers encouraged at all games."

    League format
    Teams have three players each. Matches consist of two 17-minute halves. Two minutes between each half. Points: Win=3, draw=1, lose=0. Ruleset: NAH

    Teams: League Table

    1. Meep, Meep, Makita! (Max, Miles, Matt riff raff)
    2. Fuckus (Josh, Emmet, Danielle)
    3. FAM (Charlie, Greggles, Dan)
    4. Witch?Clerks (Felix, Jimmy, Fuscia)
    5. Chemtrails (Woody, Nesbit, Chukker)
    6. Westway (Phil, Ed, Vit)
    7. Donkeypunch (Luca, French Max, Ben)
    8. Falcon hoof (Mya, Adam H, Cam)
    9. JAJ (Jess, Alex, Jakub)

    everybody needs to pay the league reg fee.

    You can PayPal me at

    Rightsaidmax at gmail dot com

  • Scheduled and overdue fixtures are in bold.

    Round 1 Oct 17 - Nov 14
    JAJ vs Falconhoof (played)
    Chemtrails vs (bye)
    Donkeypunch vs Witch?Clerks 13 - 4
    westway vs FAM 7-5
    Fuckus vs Meep, Meep, Makita! (played)

    JAJ vs Meep, Meep, Mikita! 12 - 4
    FAM vs Fuckus (played)
    Witch?Clerks vs Westway 4-4
    (bye) vs Donkeypunch
    Falconhoof vs Chemtrails 5 -3

    Round 2 Nov 21 - Dec 19
    Witch?Clerks vs MMM 6-9
    (Bye) vs Fuckus
    JAJ vs FAM 22/2 mitch
    Falconhoof vs Westway 7 - 2
    Chemtrails vs Donkey Punch 3 - 8

    JAJ vs Westway 0 - 14
    Fuckus vs Donkey Punch 9 - 4
    MMM vs Chemtrails 10 - 2
    FAM vs Falconhoof : OVER DUE
    Witch?Clerks vs (bye)

    Round 3 January 11 - February 1
    JAJ vs Witch?Clerks : OVERDUE
    (bye) vs FAM
    Falconhoof vs Meep, Meep, Makita! : OVERDUE
    Chemtrails vs Fuckus 2 - 10
    Donkeypunch vs Westway overdue

    JAJ vs Chemtrails: 2 April 2:30 mitch
    Donkeypunch vs Falconhoof: OVERDUE
    Westway vs (bye)
    Fuckus vs Witch?Clerks 18-3
    Makita! vs FAM 5 - 9

    Round 4 Feb 16 - March 16
    JAJ vs (bye)
    Falconhoof vs Witch?Clerks
    Chemtrails vs FAM
    Donkeypunch vs Meep, Meep, Makita!
    Westway vs Fuckus 4-20

    JAJ vs Donkeypunch
    Westway vs Chemtrails 6:30 27 March mitch
    Fuckus vs Falconhoof 6 - 3
    Makita! vs (bye)
    FAM vs Witch?Clerks

    Round 5 March 16 - April 16
    (bye) vs Falconhoof
    JAJ vs Fuckus
    Makita! vs West-way
    FAM vs Donkeypunch
    Witch?Clerks vs Chemtrails

  • Word! Let the betting begin!

  • Clerks and Westway are now the oldest teams in London Bike Polo right?

    Excited they're up for playing each other in the first fixture window.
    One to watch!

  • (you're going down(again))

  • Fiver on Westeay to win

  • It begins!

  • Cool to see the league getting going again.

    I'm keen to be a sub.

    My number: zero7841 675zero79

  • Subs list

    1 Mat zero7841 675zero79
    2 Beagle zero7503274one75
    3 Tony zero7762685three43

  • £5 says Witchclerks finish above Chemtrails

  • I'll take that

  • I'll take that


    Anyone scheduling any league games yet?? IT HAS BEGUN

  • Forfeits will be enforced if games are not scheduled by the deadline!

  • ^ Same old joke from last year... Must.Try.Harder. ;)

  • No league, no talk. I'm not joking: Forfeits will be enforced.

  • Of course, I'm no longer on the Mcommm. But in the past forfeits have been given. The norm for the last few years has been that as long as a game is scheduled by the deadline that is fine.

    We do need to try hard to get the games scheduled on time. Please. If both teams are making a good faith effort it should be chill. If one is being difficult to schedule a forfeit may be enforced. I would reckon.

  • YASS lookin forward JAJAJA 4eva

  • fuckus v MMM 3pm downs saturday 29

  • Why so late?

  • Josh isn't avaliable until then. Get on facebook @emab

  • Fuckus vs FAM 2pm Hackney downs - 29/10. Refs needed please.

    Fuckus vs MMM to follow at 3pm.

    Yeah thats right guys an exciting double header to start the league!

  • Nice

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London League IX

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