The Anonymous million mask march on bonfire night.

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  • took pics, about 1300 of them

    You were a police plant tasked with taking photos of all the attendees? Did that many people really turn up?

    Am I protester racist or do most of them look the same?

  • You're just boring flatness.

  • Happy 5/11

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  • So we are now free ?

    Thanks to the heroics of porksworld & his many many chums, a statue perhaps in his honour anonymous, of course.

  • People are avoiding 'spoons for a reason.

  • "… I’m the only Santa who doesn’t give out presents, because it is all capitalism. I give out free hugs, which I think is much better than a £300 present."

    Who in fuck gets a £300 present from Santa? Says it all about 'J'.­016/nov/06/dozens-of-arrests-at-million-­mask-march-in-central-london

    Well done on keeping it peaceful, those who went. It looks like lots of fun. Maybe we can move on with the actual 'things which might make a difference' now.

  • 53 arrests from 'a couple of hundred' attendees. Slightly less than the 20,000 that said they'd attend. It was cold out I suppose and Warcraft ain't gonna play itself.

    Back to grown up politics and pressing for Brexit transparency and a general election.

    At least there are no reports of twats assaulting horses.

  • Yes, let's go back to senior politics where proper serious seniors do that. More chances of horses assaulting common twats too.

  • Police didn't use horses that I saw so that's probably why. I saw plenty of officers being screamed at and pushed around

  • Poor officers, they are serving the good and thoughtful ones.

  • Loads of people got kettled in Trafalgar Square for hours. I avoided the kettle by quickly running into a nearby pub. The turnout was about 600 to begin with by about 6:15pm. I know why the numbers were so low. It was because there was another anti-austerity protest in Trafalgar Square earlier at 12noon, this group:­71724992/ Also the meet up time is far too late at 6pm. These million mask marches should meet up at 12noon and march off at 1pm like most central London demonstrations. That makes it much easier for people living in outer London and beyond to attend as they can then easily get buses and trains home again. By the way I didn't see any violence at all apart from a few fireworks being set off. This was probably the reason for the police kettling hundreds of protesters in Trafalgar Square from 7:30pm onwards.

  • I avoided the kettle by quickly running into a nearby pub.

    Counter-revolutionary scum.

  • See this, it was a case of either run into a pub or risk being arrested! The guy in that video had done nothing wrong at all! The police were totally over the top for such a small protest that was almost totally peaceful apart from a few fireworks being set off:­cio

  • They need to make arrests, so that their newspapers have something for the headlines, so that the useless twats have something to say on the internet, so that makes them feel good and better, among gaining internet points.. They need to have something to leave to their children.

  • That was useless, my universal credit hasn't gone up, it's still £317.

  • a few fireworks being set off

    This is quite interesting along with the reports of arrests being made for possession of drugs and offensive weapons.

    What that demonstrates is that there was a core of people attending this protest had simply no interest in bringing about meaningful change in a system they find fundamentally unfair or fit for purpose. Because if you did actually want to do that, the things you don't do is endanger public safety or give the police a good reason to arrest you. Very critically, these things go against an essential goal of raising public awareness and securing public support for your cause.

    Also, and although it's been said elsewhere before it bears repeating, if the stated aims of the protest are true then the police are natural allies. Like all other bodies in the public sector, they are being squeezed both financially and operationally and, unsurprisingly, they don't like it any more than you like cuts to the NHS for example. Some early groundwork with the local force teams and not antagonising them during the event would have meant that your protest would have been much more positively visible and effective. As it is, you fucked up that relatively simple task and ended up being made to look like a bunch of jumped up asshats.

    So Goldsword, what is Anonymous going to do next? Are you satisfied that a couple of hours of pseudo-anarchy is enough to change the world or do you have plans to sustain and develop your campaign to end pernicious activities of the current government? Like a lot of people, I suspect that almost all of the attendees at last night's shitshow will go home under the illusion that they've "done something" and do exactly fuck all until the same time next year. Are you going to prove us right or wrong? Because at the moment the only thing Anonymous seems to have achieved is to eat up a chunk of the local policing budget that now can't go on to be used to tackle things like CSE and domestic violence, both of which are critically underfunded. This isn't to suggest that you shouldn't have protested, exercising the democratically established right to protest is important. However, you seem to have made an utter pigs ear of it and failed to consider the onward impact of your actions which is a completely wasted opportunity.

  • Good post but gotta pick you up on one thing.

    Are you satisfied that a couple of hours of pseudo-anarchy is enough

    Couple of hours? He fucked off to the pub after 15mins because the police turned up. Hardly assertive action

  • much more realistic
    they'll all probably stop in at the ye olde cock for pint of real ale and a fag

  • that was what @goldsword did anyway

  • Police statement claimed no containments were necessary.

  • Sounds like they just did it for teh lulz then. Can't say I'd judge them too harshly given the injuring horses thing from last year.

  • ran away and hid, instead of fighting for your principles? Glad to have you in the foxhole with me and not doing a leg as soon as it gets a bit rough out there.

  • fawkes hole ?

  • Oh very good!

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The Anonymous million mask march on bonfire night.

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