Gravel Races

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  • What bar widths are you lot using for gravel races? Standard, ie. 42cm ish or does everyone have monster wide things like:­/walmer-bars

  • Basic 42 ish. It's as good as it is on paved roads too, if the gravel is fairly smooth and you're going fast. But if there's deep mud, roots and ruts, it would be easier to turn with a wider shorter position. I'm thinking of trying something wider for when the going gets more mtb. Venturemax or Cowchipper or something.

  • My mate pointed out this Curve bar and how it might make riding rougher stuff a bit easier and then I thought "ooh I could use the wide bar I took of the grrl's Sequioa". Her bike had wider bars on it than all mine!
    I think hers were 44cm at the top and flared out to maybe 46 or 50cm at the tail end of the drops. Pain in the butt since it lived in the bedroom and made parking annoying.

  • Officially #notarace, but has anyone else entered the Frontier300?

    Will be my first forray into riding anything over 200k, but needed something new after getting jaded with conventional racing

  • If the drops are at good height for using them on the rougher stuff they might be great, so why not try.

    I do like having the hoods as narrow as they are now though, for the smooth gravel I usually ride, so not sure about the wider ones for most of the time, but they might be great for some events/rides. Winter would be a good time to test, with the snow and all.

  • I'm lazy, maybe I'll just bend my current drops out aka the hippy flare - guaranteed to lose you teeth!

  • Jesse used those wide ones on race to the rock.
    they looked weird but he could get a lot of luggage between the drops.

  • After a long time with the Woodchippers I switched to the Cowchippers.

    Wide drop bars are ace for mixed terrain, but only if you really are doing silly offroad shit with 2" tires and a lot of long fast technical desceding. Basically just a step before a front suspension and a flat bar. The hoods are so wide that you feel like a kite in the wind for normal road diring, loads of drag.

    Normal CX/adventure drop bars with a minimum of flare are good for everything else, 44 width probably. I am really happy with the Cowchipper for the mixed riding I do.

    Also, have a look here

  • Adjustable flare/width/bend must be the next big thing.

    Just came across this:­s/

    I haven't put a flared bar on the bike as I ride it on roads mostly. But who knows where I end up with it.

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Gravel Races

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