Gravel Races

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  • Probably another Kinesis Tripster.

    I've got a used DT Swiss 350 lying around but it's probably quicker, easier, cheaper to nab a whole wheelset. Actually had a look at the spec. and the frame can take 700x42 so probably don't need 650B at all... but need != want.

  • I'm contemplating this too, though the 700x40 or 42 my bike can fit with decent clearance is great for what I use it usually but 2" or 2,1" would be better for some adventurous races.

    Wtbs seem to be good and cheap, stans crest is really light and said to prevent pinch flats on tire wall. Hunts would be the easy option and would have a Son hub.

  • Would you ride Tubeless or Tubes?

  • I'd use tubeless with the second wheelset with wider tyres. But now I have tubes as use the wheels with road tyres too and switch tyres to knobbies every once in a while.

  • Yeah, they'll basically be mountain bike sized and could run quite low pressure so makes sense.

  • Inner tubes or other stuff for 650b will be almost impossible to find in Morocco. But since 700c is not an option for me, I am planning on riding Morocco Bike Adventure on DT swiss XR 391 rims (32 holes), WTB Byway.

  • Saying that, how common is 700C stuff, or even bike shops?

    If I go 650B I'll likely be tubeless and carrying a spare tyre and tubes. If I run out of all of that then I'll be walking. But since I will hopefully have my flat pedals + trainers instead of my (gravel death) Shimano midfoot shoes it will be ok.

  • Ask me again after I am back (finisher party is oct 19)

  • If there's any route overlap, you might want to read this to see details for towns, etc.­uploads/2019/09/AMR-2020-Race-Manual-Iss­ue-0.pdf

  • Looking at Google there aren't any bike shops outside Marrakech anyway.

  • Good luck with the race!

    If you need to buy a tube you could put a 559 tube in 650b tyre, some of them are actually sold as being made for both.
    Though if you're preparing for an apocalypse, maybe you should get rims that have a bigger hole for schrader or dunlop valves, there might not be prestas in every village.

    I just tried 650b wheels on my gravel bike, with 47mm Byways. Looked good, rode decently.

    Though some wide 26" mtb tyres would have the same outside diameter as 700c road tyres and might fit too :D

  • That's what I was thinking - could I jsut run 26" disc wheels rather than buy new 650Bs?

    What about putting 650B on the Mason which has only 34mm clearances? That might allow me to fit bigger tyres but it really depends how much those wider tyres bow outwards, right? The height clearance isn't the issue, it's the width, on that bike.

  • @hippy you are overlooking the obvious one virtually on your own doorstep: Terra Australis, which started on 31 August.
    Looking at the tracker, there were only three starters for the full event but two have packed, so there is only one man left standing.
    It's 6000km so he isn't going to finish until October

  • own doorstep

    I know Brexit is happening, but they haven't sent me home just yet!

    I didn't overlook that race. I started watching the tracker I think after you posted it? But like you said, there was only one guy riding so I'm not super interested. Unless he's posting some details about the route I can have a look at? If I do race in Oz, it'll be the Indypac route I reckon. I'm going back in Nov but won't be riding.

  • "remote with multiple stream and river crossings and the accompanying danger from crocodile attack."

  • The Race to the rock looks amazing too, beautifully remote.

  • I wonder what happened to the other two guys...

  • I'd love to to Race to the Rock. I wouldn't do anything on-road in Australia as the drivers are too hostile

  • Yeah the bottom bracket would be slightly lower with the low pressures than with bigger wheels but probably high enough. My bike has only about 65mm or something of bb drop and 165mm cranks so should be high enough I suppose. The fork probably wouldn't fit any wider tyre with those rims but the chainstays are shaped so that it might help. Might try today as I have 26" wheels with 2,3" tyres.

  • Yeah, the wheels are off the Mason, ah but the rotors on my 26" wheels are too big, oh and they're QR not thru axle. Well, that very quickly answered that question! Looks like I'll be buying some 650s after all, whether I use them or not.

  • Anyone done this:­te-wildwood-cx/

    Thinking it could be a nice, safe, close, sportive type event for shaking down new bike and/or taking the missus to.

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Gravel Races

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