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  • You would face so many different types of inclines. Long, slow climbs through Colorado, Missouri rollers every 5 minutes, Kentucky steep short climbs, pan flat Kansas. It's got a bit of everything so fixed you would either have to have iron legs or be changing sprockets every other state!

  • Yeah, which kind of defeats the purpose of fixed.

    I like it when people riding fixed/ss are competitive with the guys on gears (that bloke that nearly got the 12hr Comp Record on a singlespeed when I was racing in Newbury for one sticks in my mind and Boardman's Comp Record), not when they're basically doing the same thing people do entering Bromptons into races (oh look at me I'm so quirky).

  • Unfortunately Dizzie Hippie (Hernia) and Simone (Knee) have scratched. Three riders followed Mateo's diversion, I think Ryan Davis realised and reversed back! There is a gap slowly forming between Kraig and Evan. I tried to put Abdullah's record 2019 (in pink) onto the race flow. Not sure how correct it is, but he kept a consistent progress throughout. The leaders are a bit behind that currently.

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  • Ah, no good. I wonder if she started with an injury already and was hoping for the best.

  • Yeah shame because she was riding well.

  • Noob question here. Why don’t you see more mudguards in races like these? Weather seems incredibly different between states and seems like the added weight is nothing compared to added comfort? Or is it because you can’t keep dry anyways?

  • Because no one races on the road with mudguards!

    (that's patently not true but there's definitely a bit of that mentality)

    The rain is quite variable so for the times I got heavily rained on there were vastly more days that I didn't see any rain so it makes no sense to me to fit mudguards (and I hate mudguards).
    If I was doing something in Scotland or Ireland where you just know you'll get more wet days than dry then sure, I'd probably seriously consider mudguards but mostly TransAm isn't wet.

    thinks back to the Kentucky storms with the flooded roads, air-raid sirens going off while police car drives up to me and asks if I'm going to be ok LOLz

  • Not fashionable / cool.

    With mudguards and a good waterproof jacket you can keep pretty dry even in a thunderstorm. But it doesn't rain that much on most races (compared to say PBP 2007 when it rained most of the way) so it doesn't become that critical.

  • @hippy just realised that I have missed this thread for 5 years and 2732 posts because it wasn't in Rides and Races: thanks for all the dozens of hours that you have saved me!

  • Mateo has scratched. :(

  • Got it. Thanks guys! I only saw the pictures of the first wet day(s) so I’d deffo fit mudguards but then I forgot this is like a month’s worth of racing.

    Must have missed the cool class of bikes because I’ve fitted mudguards to my bike and damn it’s been a revelation.

    It’s crazy to see some of those guys set-ups. I carry more stuff for 100 km rides than some of these guys

  • Wasn't it only moved back to 'Forums' when this TABR started? Or was it in 'General' before?

  • I'd guess with such a small number of riders, and assuming scratch rates similar to previous editions, not too many will get to the finish.

  • I did not see that happening.


  • Kraig Pauli was 100 miles ahead of Evan the German but now seems to be resting and ED is shortening the gap a little. David Tschan is 80 miles behind him. I love it when the distances get this big in ultra-racing.

    No women's race now, so: Go, De'anna!

  • I don't remember creating it here or moving it here. Maybe VB moved it because forumengers were racing it?

  • The rain, like everything in the US ,is supersized.
    In 2016 there was a rainstorm in Kansas that stopped everyone and caused the field to bunch up -There were about 1o riders staying at in Newton all at once as a result .

  • Yeah - there are limits. Summer UK-type rain is quite pleasant to ride in when you stay dry and warm. But if there is biblical rain and actual flooding then you are going to get a bit wet whatever your setup.

  • Ah-OK. Who from forum is racing?

  • Squaredisk and I did editions years back but none in this one.

    @Velocio was this thread always here or was it moved at some point?

  • On the front page? It was moved as the race is happening.

  • I see.

    Yeah, it wasn't me. That's all I need to know. I didn't even notice it had moved.

  • I edited the first post too, threw in a link for

  • I thought it was moved when hippy raced it as he is a VIP. I have toured the route @frank9755 and I remember @DarrenFranks also competed previously. Anyway 3rd place David Tschan is suffering. Not sure if it allowed or a good idea to ask outsiders about this sort of thing though?

    @Oliver Schick there is a female pair racing too.

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  • No, but I think the comment could be taken in jest/rhetorical rather than a serious request for outside help. Then again, the locals I met on the route did not once understand sarcasm or irony so I expect he'll be deluged with actual suggestions rather than comments like "ride faster and it'll be over quicker"

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Trans Am Bike Race / TransAm / TABR

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