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  • I considered that spot for an extra bottle, but then figured it was Europe - water can't be that far away!

    Might be good for tools if the bag I used was strong enough to hold onto them. You used one of those Deuter triangles right?

    Yes, it worked well there. I had to trim the lower velcro strap very slightly to stop it rubbing on my chainring. It used to go a bit loose but it didn't move around hardly at all. The odd time it did, I could adjust it with my foot without stopping.

    It was a last minute replacement for an extra bottle - which I'd only have needed on the first night in France. But could be different on TransAm

  • I've just seen you're having a shot at the Crackpot. I thought about doing that pre-TCR then I saw a map of the route! It looks mental the way it just zigzags across the countryside. I thought that would do my head in more than a cloverleaf, so decided against it. You can easily find the route by searching on RWGPS if you've not seen it.

  • No idea. Guess I'll have to check.

  • I got the route off Martin back in Dec last year when I first read about it but have also seen RWGPS versions from a number of YACF guys. I read about it and it sounded hard so figured it would be a good load up ride and shakedown but then didn't get my bike on time so it would've been too hard close to TCR.

    One advantage about never having a fucking clue where I am is that I can blindly follow the pink line and not be aware that I'd crossed my own path (unless I was using an 800 in which case I'd probably be directed onto that incorrect path).

  • I already own one of those bags from PBP so might give it a go. I've just destroyed my front wheel though so that's going to have to be fixed first :(

  • No need for spray- You'll cycle through Yellowstone National Park (similar to to Longleat without the lions) if you come across bears you can just leap into one of the many cars that will be stopped taking pics.
    I saw more animals in Richmond Park than Yellowstone TBH, although did see lots of matrix boards warning of bears in the road. Also came across a jogger running like a lunatic in the opposite direction warning about them- at that point you'll be Meh.

  • It is quite cool cycling past Old Faithful though.


    I've changed my mind. I'm going to be aiming to come last, but drunkest.

  • They have lots of dirty dancing style WASP log camping lodges in Yellowstone. Good but very expensive restaurants and 24 hr laundries where you can cuddle up to a tumble dryer.

  • The prick from Virgin never called back to let me know their site was working properly. Now the flights are £150 more. Thanks prick.

    Of course, I'll still wait until a month beforehand when the prices are double what they are now...

  • Tweet beardy, he's a fan of endurance events.
    When I flew over with Virgin/ Delta they really "got it". Trans American travel is part of their national psyche, you'll find people getting very excited when you tell them about it, which is nice when you're not feeling the love.

  • He can't be much of a fan, Virgin have changed their sports equipment policy:

    We’ve recently made some changes to our baggage policy. It means that, for bookings made on or after 31 August 2016, your sports baggage will be included in your overall checked baggage allowance. So:

    You’ll be able to carry sports equipment (up to 23kg and 190 x 75 x 65cm) as part of your checked allowance.
    One extra piece of sports equipment (up to 23kg and 190 x 75 x 65cm) will cost 65 GBP / 100 USD / 100 CAD.
    If you want to bring any extra sports equipment in addition to the above, you’ll need to pay our standard excess charges, including oversize charges (where applicable).
    There’s no change to our policy of charging for additional, overweight or oversize baggage.

    For bookings made before 31 August 2016, our previous sports equipment policy will still apply: allowing one extra piece of sports equipment in addition to your checked baggage allowance.­vel-information/customer-service/latest-­news.html

  • BA is now almost the same price and I either get loads of points or I can use my points for a discount. They fly via either Chicago or Dallas so the flights are a bit longer. Return from Norfolk.

  • My routes might be helpful. Pulled all the adventure cycling data into it so have pretty much every hotel, campsite, service marked along the route... It's possible to stay inside a lot just need to be creative. Churches, fire stations etc will all let you stay.
    Issue is food and water... I often ran out of water.
    Bear spray isn't worth the weight...

    Hope these help:

  • Now BA's website is fooked. They really don't want me to visit...

  • Wow, that's cool. Thanks very much for that.

    I was planning on throwing some cash at the maps (and maybe their electronic ones too) but almost certainly they will be ignored and I'll end up winging it. You might've actually encouraged me to have a look at some maps :)

  • Flights booked, ESTA renewed.

  • Shit just got real... as they say.

  • Interesting Ta, but what else will you be taking other than the bike box?

    Mine was well over weight, what with loads of extra seats and all inside, but they were cool about it both ends #winningcharm

    Was that you Laura that had US Security chop up your Di2 wires?

  • Bike, Bike Box, 20 blood bags, refrigerator, very compact doctor...

  • Long flights be

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  • That's not me.

    I wouldn't leave drinks unfinished.

  • Did you manually enter all these or are they the ones from their electronic mapset? I'm wondering if it's worth buying their latest electronic maps and repopulating this for 2017?

    I'm thinking I might remove stuff that's not on the route itself to declutter it a bit. There's lots of examples of POIs that I won't be detouring for during the race:
    "POI-Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site"

    Do you know what all the codes are? Like "NS"

    "Name: BS,CG-Bumper to Bumper
    Description:closed Sun., To camp, check in at store, BS carries bike parts(limited)"
    I guess that's "Bike Shop" and "Camp Ground".


    Hmm, still no mention of NS.

    "Marienthal now consists of roughly 100 people, a Catholic church,[3] a post office, a flour mill,[4] a substance abuse treatment center, a trucking company, a bar and a grain elevator."

  • Narrow Shoulders probably- Those rumble strips will take your fillings out, a few people had their garmins eject because of them.

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  • Is that photo saying suggesting the road is wrong?

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Trans Am Bike Race / TransAm / TABR

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