• 56cm square giant cfr pro with shimano 600 9speed and ultegra shifters

    It pains me to sell tbh but I don't ride road bikes anymore and so it needs to go.

    I stripped the frame with carbolift which is safe on plastic and left it raw. There's still a little bit of paint here and there on the aluminium but I liked the rattiness so it stayed.

    Rd, fd, cranks, brakes and hubs are all tricolour 600. Headset 600 but unsure of pedigree. Rims are old open pros and have a great deal of life left. Brifters are 9sp ultegra as is the cassette and freehub that I transplanted onto the 8sp hub. The brifters took cosmetic damage over time so I stripped the down a bit. The effect is ratty but they work fine.

    Bars are really nice 3ttt superleggero, included is an 3ttt stem in 120mm that would look really nice if the extra reach is desired.

    Saddle is a flite titanium bolted to a generic carbon seatpost.

    Seatpost bolt needs replacing as the Allen fitting has enlarged over use.

    asking £280

    Carlton track/path frame with issues.
    An owner in the past has fucked the bb shell to all heck. The threads are gone and it's way too loose. I recon someone forced Italian cups in there at some point. As such I've epoxied a decent campag bb in there and left it to cure for a few months. I intended to build it as a ss winter beater with mudguards but never got round to it. I since picked up a mavic bb as a solution to the stripped shell which is included in this sale.

    The original forks (ones in the pic aren't), headset and stem are included as the stem is in pretty tight and I haven't the inclination to wrestle with it.

    Asking £70 all in

    gallery here

    Bikes in ig6, accepting dibs followed by pm.

  • Price drop on Carlton

  • I like the look of the Carlton - what size is it? Was it built for 700c wheels? What's the seatpost diameter?

    Also, how easy was the carbolift to use?

  • Hiya mattyc.
    It's a 58 square frame. I don't think it was built for 700c as the frame seems to date from the 50s. the current fork is for 700c though. I was planning on running the og fork in there with big tires and mudguards which I close to how it would have originally been. There's certainly clearance for that.
    Seatpost is 27.2

    The carbolift was really easy. Getting hold of it was long and expensive though, especially after import duties.

  • Hi mate,

    I'd like to dibs the Carlton if poss. Can you just clarify what the situation is with the BB though? Is there the Campag one still in there or have you replaced with the Mavic? I, like you, just want to build this up as a pub bike really but don't want an unecessary headache! Could collect tonight or tomorrow if you like.


  • Hi dracula
    Dib noted!
    The campag bb is still in there, and has not been used since I glued it in, save a test run of about a mile. I picked up the mavic bb when I saw one come up as it is a proper solution to the state of the bb rather than the glued in stopgap. I'm including it because I intended it to go with the frame.
    Send me a pm if interested

  • Carlton provisionally gone.

  • Price drop on cfr pro

  • Another drop on cfr

  • Will do cfr sans saddle -£20

  • Price drop on cfr
    Carlton still available

  • Last price drop before I split.

  • Split price.
    Wheels with tires and tubes £95
    Frame, fork, headset and bb £100
    Gruppo £95

  • Open to offers

  • Price drop to £95 for gruppo and wheels each

  • Dibs on Carlton, PM now...

  • Carlton sold pending pickup

  • Carlton is gone

  • Fuck it, price drop on the cfr, £250

  • Pm'd re. cfr pro

  • Replied

  • Cfr sold pending pickup.

  • Cfr now Sold.

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56cm cfr pro w shimano 600 / 58cm Carlton track with issues

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