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  • With most of the bugs ironed out is this the Garmin killer they set out to make? Post your impressions of the Elemnt here so people don't have to read the whole 'Garmin problems please kill it in the face with fire'* thread...

    *although reading that thread made me purchase an Elemnt instead of a Garmin Edge 520. Setup was a breeze and I'm looking forward to riding a new route around The Hague I created with RWGPS.

  • Pros:
    Set up is very easy
    The phone app is far superior to pissing about with tedious menus on a Garmin
    Screen is decent
    Buttons are big and don't get activated by mistake
    Not touch screen
    Synch function is fast and simple
    WiFi and Bluetooth
    Base maps are pretty good with world wide coverage
    Flashy flashy LEDs
    Customer support is actually support

    Battery life is so-so
    Don't turn it off while you have lunch mid ride or it may do strange things when you turn it on again
    It's big
    Why oh why didn't they make it fit properly in a Garmin mount?
    No facility to create bike profiles, but Garmin have also done away with that feature
    Mine has stopped synching with Strava - need to work out why
    No SD card so limited scope for loading better maps
    Doesn't have all the training data obsessive stuff that Garmin have (may also be a considered pro)

  • Has it been updated so you can add training programs, ie interval sessions?

  • Looking at getting either a Garmin 820 or 1000, OR one of these. Tempted by the Wahoo due to the price and their firmware updates. What are peoples thoughts?

  • get wahoo

  • I'm currently a bit disappointed with Wahoo.

    The Elemnt is a good GPS, if you want to upload pre-plannnes routes to follow then it is one of the best.

    Mine stopped uploading to Strava a little while ago and Wahoo have not responded to my support request since 2nd November, despite following up a few days ago, so I'm not feeling the Wahoo great support thing at the moment.

  • Thats very un-wahoo like not to respond.

    In terms of route planning, it is never advertised as a navigational GPS device.

    IMO there is not enough tech disruption in bike computers yet, wahoo is a right step in the direction but it still requires you to be slightly technically competent very much less so than garmin.

    Still not 'it just works' category or has passed the grandma test.

    Having said that, its far better than the alternative i.e. garmin.

  • Yes, it is a lot better than Garmin in many ways. I am pretty satisfied with it other than this Strava glitch.

    Wahoo did respond initially, requested further info which I supplied but since then it has gone quiet.

  • I am in the market for a new GPS as my 500 is starting to cry here and there (Over 4 years old now though, so fair enough). I am tempted by the wahoo but not 100% convinced over the 520. Scared to take a leap into the unknown. What most pisses me off about them is the shit mounts (zip ties!?). Are there any other mounts? I take it chinese sellers haven't made any yet either

  • Wahoo has out front mounts (1 included in the box) and there are more and more 3rd party nei g released.

    They are doing £50 cash back if you swap with your current one. If you buy from their official store you can try a d return if you want.

    Garmin needs to die.

  • My Powertap Joule GPS has been slowly dying all year, I emailed them about whether the battery was replaceable and was basically told no, buy a new one.

    So I did...A Garmin 520 even though I didn't really want to go back to them.

    I don't like the fact that Garmin's software is online I much preferred Powertap's standalone desktop application to analyze my efforts.

    I did notice the Wahoo in a cabinet whilst I was in the Hampton Court store...but dismissed it in my mind as perhaps not a serious computer, something akin to a Cateye or something.

    Maybe I should have given it a closer look.

  • When does the next generation Wahoo come out? I think this one just falls short but they'll nail it with the next one.

  • They are playing the software game and adding value to the current hardware; but given their last product cycle 2 years from when they released elemnt.

    I'd imagine they are working on a multi-sport/running thing atm.

  • the £50 cashback at sigma is definitely enticing me

  • I really rate my Elemnt, although (a) haven't used a garmin to compare and (b) it came with the altimeter not working out of the box. Support seems quite good, though.

  • nice. I am gonna buy one

  • Wahoo have responded. Told me to deactivate and reactivate my strava account on the companion app, which obviously I had already thought of and tried some while ago.

    However, for reasons unknown it has now decided to mostly upload to strava. One failure on Sunday. So maybe it is healing itself.

  • I think that's swayed me!

  • Yeah I'm looking at one of these. Garmin 810 is being a dick too often. Any deals anywhere? Still doing the £50 cashback with trade?

  • To conclude my Elemnt story, after another round of disconnect / reconnect to Strava, it is now uploading fine.

    Touch wood.

  • they had a £50 off code thing on their own website recently.. although mine worked out at £187 with wiggle loyalty discount + £50 cashback.

    So far so good though, easy to use. map function works well. page customisation works well. I really actually like the LEDs on the side - probably works even better with a HR monitor though (probably should have bought the bundle!)

    but how the fuck do you change it from km to miles?

  • but how the fuck do you change it from km to miles?

    ELEMNT app, you can set it on the profile page. But WHY MILES???

    Jokes aside, I really liked the simplicity of the device. Loved the LEDs as well!

  • ah easy. was trying to do it in the settings tab for ages

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Wahoo Elemnt

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