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  • It's now been edited to include a mention..

    The bike was built as a collaboration between Cannondale and the EC1 Collective. 'We asked the members of the Collective, a private members community for road cyclists, to help us select the parts,' says EC1's Mike Gluckman. 'Over weeks of deliberation and discussions we ended up working closely with Tune Components from Germany and a handful of other choice German weight-weenie manufacturers like BrakeForceOne & Schmolke.'

    Can't believe I'm asking this, but how do you change gear? Hidden shift buttons..?

  • HAHA

  • didn't someone allready do this on current projects with a pre-cursa?

  • this is just embarrasing for cannondale tbh

  • You stop and adjust the limiter screws. A small functional sacrifice to achieve low weight.

  • Can't believe I'm asking this, but how do you change gear? Hidden shift buttons..?

    Probably eTap 'blips' hidden somewhere?­sram-etap-blips

  • could you ride l'eroica with cables like that ?

  • Probably eTap 'blips' hidden somewhere?

    blips don't work by themselves, they need to plug in to a junction box or lever.

  • Can't believe I'm asking this, but how do you change gear? Hidden shift buttons..?

  • Is that Lucas Brunelle?

  • Obviously someone rides behind you with the eTap lever and shifts for you. You have more important banking things to be thinking about

  • Actually it does look like there's some blips under the tape next to the brake levers and a cable that does in to the down tube.

  • That is so bad it's almost good... Wait, no, it is just terrible.

  • Umm wouldn't Etap Hydro be roughly the same weight, and be much more pleasing on the eye, and why would you choose a wireless groupset and then have wires?

  • If that bike just had appropriate brakes it would look pretty decent.

    Right now I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • that would get you less linky baity and instagram likes

  • I think Neil has got bored of current projects and has been paying jobbing actors to pretend to be awful human beings of HNW, building atrocious bikes, solely for popcorn lolz.

  • Those brakes ffs....

  • "Brake force one" Lol.

    They mean the Wolfgang Peterson film with Sylvester Stallone.

  • Great that it's light and all but what is the actual point of this bike? Doesn't look practical for hills or flats. Gram points? Are we all being trolled by this Gluckman chap?

  • Trump-lite. It will all be revealed as a stitch up at the end. Started as a joke and just got more disgusting as time went on, before the final reveal.

  • The point is that a group of pre-vetted, high-net-worth individuals leveraged its collective purchasing power to showcase and highlight a thought leadership piece in the bike and cycling space with measurable business impact on brands, consumers, and key stakeholders.

  • Now this one can definitely >>>>>>>> to crap buzzwords

  • They can expect a positive uptick in net-new members with this strategic play.

  • I've used those skewers, I've used hydraulic brakes, I wouldn't use them together.

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EC1 Collective

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