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  • Sounds like they should be negotiating a new strategic partnership with Subway

  • Butterkist stock is up, I hear.

  • I rode with a bloke who couldn't eat sweet things mid-ride, so he used to bring along those Merchant Gourmet lentil pouches to squeeze into his maw.

    WHAT DOES THE SO-CALLED "EXPERT" from EC1 have 2 say about th@?

  • Lentils would leave your helmet a bit damp

  • Didn't call you "cunts" and I voted remain

  • "Explain the mechanism for paying for the sandwhich" Why? It wasn't a EC1 organised ride. But A guy dressed in all black kit, accused of knicking a sandwich, sits next to guys wearing EC1 jerseys in a cafe that is full or cyclists. So it must be our fault.

  • Don't think I've ever pronounced myself as an expert. But I wouldn't favor pulses as mid ride snack.

  • I'm pretty sure it was beef

  • So you specifically came on here to assure us that you'd spoken to all involved and that you can confirm someone who may or may not have been a member of EC1 absolutely didn't steal a sandwich on a ride that was not organised by your club, and that therefore you

    can verify what @Buz says is compete BS


    it's just a bunch of 'melts' chatting shit on a forum

    but that

    If the cafe has CCTV or other evidence that goes against what I've said, then I'll be the first to call out the guy for doing that

    So, I mean, Columbo or no, that's all starting to sound a bit unclear. So you now don't know the guy in the black kit, and you didn't speak to him because he's not a member, so you can't really assure anyone of anything, but that even so you can assure us that @Buz is talking complete BS anyway. What industry do you work in again? It's not PR I hope.

    And FYI Farage was a City boy-you saying you'd deny him membership of your Capitalist's Collective?

  • people who steal things from cafes are hardly the kind of people to admit to their follies and repent

    because they tend to be cunts

  • It wasn't one of our rides, but had EC1 members leading it for another group the run, so that's who I spoke to and I'll take their word over yours. Will leave you all in peace to carry on the original theme of this thread. Have always tried to answer question raised on here, but a lot of what's said is just aimed to bad mouth EC1 and fullfill the stereotype you have of us- which won't change. I know that's the attitude of this forum, and that's fine, but I'm bored of defending the same old things over agian and just getting a load of abuse in return.

  • Have always tried to answer question raised on here

    they were all rhetorical.

  • So you spoke to an EC1 rider who was sat outside about whether he saw something which took place inside. You're taking their word over that of someone inside who had a better view of the theft.

    Seems sensible, no further due diligence required before you form an opinion. Please accept our apologies for failing to be fully assured by your review of this.

  • You've been handed multiple lifelines to redeem your club/collective but instead of taking them and adapting your club, you continue to act in a holier than thou manner and in a way which isn't in the spirit of the wider cycling community. Not really answering the questions are you. A simple 'I gave my money to the man five ahead in the queue and he paid for it' would suffice. Theft is a pretty serious accusation (could end this blokes career if someone seriously decides to investigate this) and when you're in club kit, you're tarnished by all riding with you. Accusation seems credible. If this was a normal club (say some DP members pissing on someone's hedge in the countryside), I'm sure the president would apologise and send an email to all members telling them to not do it again.
    I'm no longer going to give you the benefit of the doubt about being a bit naive and young. Your club is the new Dani Foffa.
    Amongst the trolling and baiting on this thread are some very valid points.

  • lmfao this escalated quickly.... (again)
    Ubes, being a bit salty, you called 'im out and are chastising him for defending himself? le que?


  • I think we're all cunts. Except @amey, he's #blessed.

  • He's the people's buyer

  • Every post in about the last 40 pages of this thread be like

  • stereotype you have of us

    Your crew is the archetype. You created what we perceive, there is no stereotyping here, you deliberately designed everything. The fact we all immediately assumed your friend was a thief rather than there being an honest explanation is of your construct. You must be able to understand that.

    We know nothing more about you than what you have put on the internet yourselves.

  • I love this thread, had to catch up on about 15 pages.
    There was a fine leap of logic about sexism last time I caught up

  • I think he means the stereotype of the "city boy wanker" rather than some stereotype of their

    Anyway, I think it is all a set up by so they can steal all those lever things they have that let rich folks get free shit.

  • I nicked a Kit Kat from the Middlesex County Court canteen when I did jury service in 1993, but I am a cunt so my argument's weak.

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EC1 Collective

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