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  • At least Vulpine investors now have somewhere they can go and cry about their surefire investments.

  • Some currently non existant collab


    Le Col X Ralph Lauren

    or whatever Dave Millar is doing- CHPT3

  • I will never forgive him the c13 endorsement.

  • Came across some of them out in the Surrey hills today. Walked past and just heard "...and that's how we maximised profits!"

    EC1 never disappoint.

  • Went for a walk in Richmond Park this lunch time saw a couple of EC1 guys riding in a small group .
    Stopped at the cafe by Roehampton gate for a coffee and lunch,sat inside near where the sandwich fridge is.
    There's a queue as usual, a guy in all black gear is eyeing up the sarnies then casually puts one in the helmet he is carrying and walks out without paying.
    My wife is facing the door so I ask her where he sat down.
    Lo and behold he is with the EC1 guys.
    So I am wondering is this some sort of initiation test to join?
    Shouldn't high net worth individuals be taking down banks not overpriced cafes ?

  • He probably supplied a personal and work email to the cafe in advance, so it's all ok, move along now.

  • "...and that's how we maximised profits!"

  • Ha! WAFC.

    Where are the EC1 dicks to tell us what a sound group of guys they are?

  • does your micro-cocked self advocate stealing from small businesses because you can't be fucked standing in line with the peasants too?

  • No I don't. And can verify what @Buz says is compete BS. But just add it to the pile in this thread.

  • What's the truth then?

  • That a group of guys went out for a ride and stopped at cafe for coffee and food, without doing a number on the joint. But it's a good story for the vibe of this thread, so why let the truth get on the way, eh?

  • How can you verify that exactly? Are you saying he's purposely making it up for lols?

    Personally I don't think anyone really needs to go that far to have a laugh at EC1's expense but the only granular data dumps I produce come out my arsehole so what would I know compared to your 3watts/kg krew.

  • Because I've spoken to the guys on the ride. Take his word or mine, don't really mind. We're both two people on forum, I'll take the word of people I know over you chaps.

  • Ah. No moral hazard there then.

    And here was me with the impression EC1 specifically aims to offer its members exclusive discounts which implies you wouldn't be averse to getting something for nothing eh? Little five finger discount on the old club run eh? Sneaky wee sanny in the helmet trick eh?

    Maybe if someone emails the cafe we could establish a more robust documentary form of evidence-say from CCTV footage. After all, you're happy to take the word of people you know over us chaps and you're calling someone a liar.

  • Off you go then Columbo

  • Off I go where?

    You're the melt that conjures the truth out of thin air on your own say so. Sure you wouldn't rather be in politics? Donald Trump's got a few post-truth friendly positions open at the moment and I hear he likes small cocked englishmen with loose morals to boot.

  • Nice chat. If the cafe has CCTV or other evidence that goes against what I've said, then I'll be the first to call out the guy for doing that, but at the moments it's just a bunch of 'melts' chatting shit on a forum.

  • Why are you here then if we're all cunts as you repeatedly infer? Why not fuck off back your little bespoke nest of Nigels and not keep stirring the pot?

  • It's not really shit when you've yet to explain the mechanism for paying for the sandwich. It would give you some credibility. At the moment, I'm picturing some Lindsey Lohan type that has plenty of money but shoplifts for the thrills.

  • Egg & Cress Collection.

    Theiving cunts. Off you pop.

  • Who da fuck has a sandwich mid ride, except Graeme Obree

  • Maybe EC1 have celebrity guest riders, and Richard Madely tucked himself into a bit of lycra.

  • always cheesy chips

  • "Unfortunately, due to last minute race schedule changes, the guys from BIKE Channel Canyon team are now no longer able to make it. We wish them all the best at the Ryedale Grand Prix on Sunday!

    We will still have Yanto Barker and the guys from Le Col joining us, fresh from smashing it at the Ride London 100"


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EC1 Collective

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