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  • Don't think using a female pronoun is sexist...

  • Isn't it more to do with the objectification (and 'ownership') of women?

  • They fucking love it.

  • Yes, that's another way to look at it. Interesting thread on it here:­ve/comments/2pjqha/eli5_why_do_we_refer_­inanimate_objects_as_she/ Guess it's down to personal interpretation at the end of the day.

  • This way we can make sure that people who come on the rides will at least have two things in common (bikes & work)

    This is the issue I think.

    First; the positioning you are going with is 'premium' given the membership fees and the type of audience you are targeting. Although there is zero attention to detail and the design/photography is poor at best. Maybe its a reflection of your audience which can't be a compliment.

    Second; Sport in general demands to be inclusive and you are going for 'exclusive'. The category you have narrowed down is full of self entitled white men (not all but most). You either are lying to yourself or everyone else when you say you are looking to diversify the membership.

    This is how we make Etonian out of touch politicians or Brexit or Red Hook Crit (troll-face.jpg). Bubbles with single dimensional people/views. More inclusivity and diversity is ALWAYS the best way to go. That is the reason you will face criticism here or anywhere apart from Canary Wharf.

    And personally I think even £75 is bad value compared to £130 RCC. You are Vulpine of the MicroCC world going for a market gap that you have convinced yourself exists but it doesent. I hope you have other income(s).

  • Lol. Proof-readers anonymous.

    I agree. Some people might read it as "the objectification (and 'ownership') of women". The biek shouldn't be referred to as she and that'll be amended. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Together with steed and a seat post as a cockpit, hahaha.


  • The biek shouldn't be referred to as she and that'll be amended. Thanks for pointing that out.

    it doesn't change the fact you think it's perfectly normal to refer to objects you own as 'she'. Sexism aside, it's really fucking autistic.

  • Woah. There with the autism.

  • I help run it

    Thanks for coming on here to answer our questions, it reminds me of a Reddit AMA, talking of Reddit. Great stuff!

    What I'd like to know is what this sentence means:

    We're not a cycling club in the traditional sense but rather a community of like-minded bike enthusiasts whose propensity to enjoy the finer things is maximised through an aggregated representation.

    And this one:

    Our data driven model enables this granular matching up process.

    Can you explain? I'm probably just being dim.

  • So you don't agree with my point of view.

    Doesn't mean you have to be a dick about it.

    Oh yeah, this is the internetz.

  • We are taking your dataz.

  • Hahahaha, gives me grief about 'she'. Goes and calls me autistic.

    Top marks.

  • Uh, yeah, not cool @Sumo

  • Yes please don't use autism as an insult.

  • Guys guys
    This is just like the old lfgss 5th floor beef.

    Perhaps ec1 won't be the fixiebombcrew.

  • So much all of this.

  • No jokes, I do agree. Some people might read it wrong and it will be changed.

    For realz, thanks.

  • Relentlessly answers posts with top marks.

    Enables everyone to join dots and makes assumption about background and ting

  • Spastic is also a medical term innit.
    Colloquially, it doesn't mean "hey you're being a bit socially impaired", or does it?
    Am I being deliberately obtuse? Or acute. I can't remember.

  • The biek shouldn't be referred to as she and that'll be amended.

    Don't anthropomorphise bikes, they hate it.

  • Seriously, don't try and make it seem like that's a term you are justified in using.

  • Am I being deliberately obtuse? Or acute. I can't remember.


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EC1 Collective

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