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  • That's great and as I've said many times we aren't trying to be a local club and are fully aware that what we offer won't be for everyone. Tried to explain it a bit better here: Just explained the details of whats included to @amey.

  • It's really for people who work within corporate industries who are into cycling.

    For £75.00, what you're proposing is seemingly good value however the majority of the most interesting people I know don't work in the corporate field so why don't you just open the "collective" up to everyone. The whole exclusion thing is a huge turnoff and as the saying goes "when people show you who they are, believe them the first time ".

  • When you apply you supply a personal and work email, and we look at the work email to determine what industry you work in. This way we can make sure that people who come on the rides will at least have two things in common (bikes & work)

    how does that work with advertising on Instagram?

  • It doesn't if it's the same person running that and their FB advertising. I was targeted on FB although my profile should make clear I'm penniless, work for a charity, and regularly post my disdain for unfriendly cycling clubs and full-kit wankers.

  • Surely a "passion for cycling" should mean a vested in interest in opening it up for as many people as possible, promoting grass roots and broadening inclusivity. Nothing I have seen or heard about EC1 appears that way.

    What you have here is a passion for self-promotion* and thinking you're better than others.


  • Not sure I get this at all. Why are you trying to expand the work environment into leisure?

    I go cycling to get away from the sort of cunts I work with and meet different people.

    If people I ride with talk too much about work, I avoid them.

  • I was literally going to say the same thing! The last thing I want to talk about whilst on a ride is work

  • srs buznizz
    you can talk insider trading on rides without the fsa taping your conversation

  • without the fsa taping your conversation

    What if I have a Chris King?

  • We do that to grow awareness of EC1 and target people based on their location and interest in cycling, as targeting by job and industry isn't great on FB and Instagram.

  • Then I guess this probably isn't for you then.

  • But our point is that we want to build something for people who work in those industries and also enjoy cycling. We aren't setting up a new local cycling club. It's also not 100% exclusive to that group of people. We have people who've got in touch with us about wanting to join our rides, which we welcome.

  • No, I think that's the role for local cycling clubs and national bodies. We aren't trying to be that, as explained many times.

    We don't have an ego about ourselves or think we are better than anyone, unlike a few people on this forum.

  • What % of your membership are female?

  • @amey is a member alright!

  • Pretty low to be honest. It's something we are wanting to change and are working with a female coach to put on female only rides/training/intro sessions. It's an issue with most clubs I think.

  • Ah, so it's not a passion for cycling, it's a passion for yourselves, gotcha.

    I thought so. Might want to update your website.

  • No it's not. But doubt I'll be able to convince you otherwise, so will leave it there

  • Sorting shit like this out wouldn't hurt

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  • To be fair that's more of a personality disorder than a copy error.

  • @DWatkinsLDN just loves his bike. He's not sure whether to marry or ride it.

  • A personality that freely interchanges "it" and "she" and is promoted on the website.

    If only they knew someone who worked in advertising who could repair the image of blatant sexism and lack of privilege awareness.....

  • at least he's not talking about david in the third person

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EC1 Collective

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