• Hi,
    Looking for a Mike Burrows aero seatpost 27.2 in the smallest 240 mm size. Better the condition higher the price! Thanks for looking.

  • I've got loads of these in various sizes some unused, about to go to bed but PM me to remind me and I'll dig through and have a look tomorrow evening. FYI they're numbered 1-7 so if you want the smallest size that's a no.1

  • Do you still have a collection of these?

  • Hi,

    Yes i do but I'm not around for a couple of weeks to look through them.

    Do you know which size you need?


  • Thanks Adam,
    No rush at all. I picked up a 1995 TCR - it has a No.4 currently and is too high. The saddle needs to come down about 2.5-3cm so I am figuring a No.3 will do the job.

    I am also potentially looking for an Ultegra Flightdeck rear shifter (6500 series I believe).

    Catch up when you are back.

  • No problem Peter. A n.3 sounds about right, if you haven't heard from me by feb 2nd please remind me.

    1995 sounds good. Does it still have dt shifter mounts?

  • No, the shifter/ brake is now on the hood, and there are no downtube mounts.

  • Hey there, just checking in to see if you are back - apologies if I am jumping the gun.

  • Hi Peter, sorry work got a bit hectic and plans changed.

    I had a look but unfortunately only have a couple left which go with frames I'm going to build... one day.

    I had a look on the net and found a few for sale, prices very high though.

    Did you manage to find anything yourself?

  • Thanks for looking,
    I have a lead to follow up in Belgium - a used one. I was hoping you had a newer one knocking around :-)
    Again, thanks for taking a look.

  • No problem, all the best with it

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WTB: Looking for a Mike Burrows aero seatpost 27.2 in 240mm size

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