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  • I havent yet

  • How much for the fork? How long is the steerer tube?

  • Dibs forks pm'ed

  • I was PM'D on the forks several days ago

  • fork sold to ciclista99

  • Your description of the seat tube issue is very vague. No wonder you ended up splitting them. Who would want the frame with those mysterious photos that explain nothing and shonky masking line?

    Tell us what's wrong with the seat tube... You say it only works with a shim ... or perhaps you put the wrong diameter seat pin in there?

    The only reason I ask is that you're splitting a MAX track bike, albeit with bad paint, they're really quite desirable, esp in this average size - why not sell them together if you can explain what the 'problem' actually is?

  • Sketchy

  • i've put 27.2mm seatpost, the one that should fit. I think someone had seized seatpost and it's been taken out. Hence the respray. Seatpost fits in like a glove at about 2" depth of seat tube, top is slightly loose that's why it requires a shim. I guess one of the options is fillet brazing it at low temp and then using a ream to make it back to normal size

    shonky masking line is responsibility of previous owner

    ...hope that clearead muddy water

  • Still for sale !

    Price reduced by £30

  • Anyone buying this will be dieing for that matching fork :/

  • just d̶o̶ buy it!

  • Would have considered it but with the fork missing it's no go

  • £110 collected (frame only)
    £130 posted within UK

  • I wouldn't have split it. It was more easy to sell complete in my opinion. There are not that many Max (lugged even!!) pista frames out there. Such a shame :(

    You had all the right, mind you, just, shame :)

  • re-paint the frame then try selling again.

  • gone

  • Anyone knows this seller?

  • no - did you buy it?

  • still no one knows this guy?

    bought and paid this frame 1 month ago, no frame and dude dont answer..

  • @ciclista99 bought the forks. Worth a pm?

  • He's PM'd me.

    I've given bankiren the information I could easily gather (emails and an older mobile number), but ultimately I've recommended he ask PayPal for a refund under Buyer Protection (assuming he did not pay via Gift or Friends & Family which I constantly tell people not to do for this reason).

  • Good good. Hope you didn't pay via a gift @bankiren

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