Reynolds 753 appreciation thread

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  • So never posting a proper topic before I thought I'd give it a wee shot. It may be as popular as a chocolate teapot but hey ;)
    I recently bought a classic geometry frame from Argos cycles. Beautifully fillet brazed, great paint and excellent handling it was also made from Reynolds 753. Not knowing much about it I read up a bit and was quite surprised to hear that it's relatively rare and also pretty much equivalent to Reynolds 853.
    So, since there aren't many bikes made from the stuff I thought a thread about this steel and the steads made from it could be of interest.
    Pictures and contributions all welcome. Cheers! Tom


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  • ..

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  • Very nice.

  • Just seen this thread, I have a 753 frame for sale up in Aberdeen just now. It's an old lo pro with the 650c front.

  • Nice thread topic.

    I have a pal who had a nice 753 Cougar track frame with a crack that he had trouble finding someone willing to repair it. #csbalert

    I could be wrong but isn't 953 also silver-braze only?

    I think 853 can be tig-welded and is essentially 653 that's been heat treated (I also believe it's brazed with brass), so what are the relative benefits of tubesets that can only be built using low-temp brazing v. high temp / tig? Anybody?

  • ill throw my Dave Marsh 753 into the mis...still rides like a new frame to this day

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  • .

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  • I have a 753R Raleigh SBDU track frame from 85. It's beautifully light and rides like a dream, lovely tubing and craftsmanship. The 'R' stands for race and there is also 753T which is specifically designed for track use. Holdsworth (Planet X) have actually secured a limited run of 753 to build their new top of the line frames. I saw them at Bespoked earlier this year and they were looking great. I'll sort some pictures out at some point.

  • Any photos of your Raleigh??

    I'm a big fan, it's one of my dream frames

  • I'll take some tonight

  • Pics

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  • That is so nice.

    What size is it? Looks about my size,

    Dibs if your ever selling pleasse

  • It's 55.5 c-t. I'm not planning on selling it for a good while i'm afraid and there is a bit of a list forming of people interested but i'll keep you in mind.

  • Nice! Looks like Jan LeGrands work!

  • I know that he did travel over from NL to make frames but they were mainly for himself or his team. I've been told mine would have been made by GoD.

  • had a nice 753r team issue sb frame ex. malcolm elliot i was told
    didn't treat it very well with a parts then didn't treat it well playing polo on it

  • What size would you say that was? 53cm?
    Hey says 23cm but it couldn't be 23".
    Lovely bike

  • He phoned me. apparently its a 53cm. Slightly too small which is annoying.
    Yes a lovely bike - full c-record bar the brakes.

  • Would fit me. Bah, too many bikes, not enough money.

  • Me too. O well. Can afford this..

  • 2 nice sb 753's on ebay currently
    one track one road

  • This is the first proper road bike I bought and still my favourite

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Reynolds 753 appreciation thread

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