• Looks like the Guerciotti is going to be sold. I’m going to miss it’s orangeyness. Thinking of making the Razesa orange now.

  • So I seem to have a collection of headsets, 3 and only two bikes to fit them to. After a lot of indecision I have decided to turn the Razesa Tango orange. Because well there’s not enough orange bikes in the world. I want to try to recreate the Guerciotti’s look, I’ve ordered two sets of decals which I will combine.

    These will be on the down and seat tube, although I think I will only use one front facing on the seattube.

    And I will use the headtube badge and rainbow stripes from this one.

    As for the headsets, I originally bought the CK For the Razesa when I thought it was going to be black. Now it’s going to be orange I want a silver one but just couldn’t find a CK one without buying it New, and £150 is just too much for a headset. Then I have a brainwave: Dura Ace. £80 ain’t cheap but it’s better. So gonna try to get the black CK on the Batavus, which was going to get the Primax. I just hope it fits.

    So stripping the Razesa, will go to Argos next week. Am excite.

  • Well the decals came, and I wasn't impressed. So yet again I'm dragging my heels getting the frame to Argos.

    But I think I have come to a decision. The Razesa ia going to become a Zeus. Razesa actually built a lot of Zeus' high end frames so there should be no controversy. The range of available Zeus decals are much better, and there is the potential to spec it with Zeus kit. Currently considering some very good condition Zeus Pista cranks:

    I'm sticking with tango orange, but revisiong the decals scheme. I am going to use this sort of layout:

    But I want a similar block of white on the downtube bookended by rainbow stripes, so I will discuss that with Argos. I may use a Razesa badge on the headtube though. It does throw the headset choice back up into the air, as it may be an idea to go looking for a Zeus one.

    Any advice very gratefully received

  • IF you're looking for Zeus parts I have some stuff I've been tinking about getting rid of. A rear track hub, some cogs, track pedals, a complete bsc headset and parts of a french headset.

  • The Batavus' final form, having fitted the Chris King headset. Now hoping my hamstring allows me to enjoy it this summer.

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  • That Bat looks great. Looks like a really nice ride.

  • Cheers man it is lush

  • Right once the Steamroller just became my go to bike I pushed other projects to the backburner but I ran into a dude on my commute who has literally a different bike for everyday of the week, and then some. 10 bikes in total and a basement dedicated to them. Amazing he also has a wife.

    Anyways gave me a hankering for some alternatives to ride, so want to continue with restoring the Razesa, currently stripped and languishing in the shed.

    Soooo I can't be arsed with those horrible clamp on brakes so I messaged Orlowski on facebook about the possibly reproducing its fork exactly but with a disc tab. He came back to me almost immediately:

    Hi James. It is possible. Either good version made out of Columbus Cromor blades with IS 2000 adapter for 110 € or better one made out of Reynolds 631 for disc brakes recommended with IS 2000 or flat mount bosses for 150€(in case the fork is enough wide). The prices for painted version . Chrom is possible too and costs 60€ more. The shipment is not included.

    So I know naff all about disc brake mounts, I currently have an venerable set of Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes I have had forever which I was going to use on it, or maybe get something shiney and new. Hope springs to mind. Anyone know what to opt for? I would inclined to go for the cheaper tubing but in chrome potentially.

    A reminder of the bike and its forks:

  • Now I am thinking I also want a disc fork for my Steamroller so I might order both from him, two birds and all that.

  • I think disk on the razeza might be a bit industrial looking? In principle it'll be great and fun and all but it's a pretty sleek looking bike. I don't think a rim brake would have the same impact but then you need to consider your braking surface I guess.

  • Small rotor and a flat mount caliper would look fairly slimline if the hose routing is done nicely.

  • I might ask Orlowski about the routing. The fork is undrilled, and I ran one of those clamp on brakes which are fugly as. I really want the stopping power of a hydraulic disc brake and the ability to have nice rims without a braking surface. I think the right brake should enhance it overall: track bikes with front discs are the way forward.

  • Oh and it is going to get painted orange. Thinking with white sections on the down and seat tube.

  • I'd disagree. The original fork is retained. So can always convert back.

    Hope would be lovely. But Shimano offers cracking performance for the cost. Get a hope rotor though. Or just a fancy looking one.

    Are you at all tempted by threadless? Or keeping it threaded?

  • I hadn't thought about going threadless and probably won't as I have either a brand new Dura Ace threaded headset or an Campagnolo Record Pista headset on another (unused) bike. I am probably going to get some Campy Pista cranks for it so inclined to match with the Campag headset. I also have a couple of Nitto Jags somewhere I would like to polish up and fit.

    That said everything else is a long way away. I imagine getting the fork made and shipped from Poland will take a few months, as will get the frame re-painted.

    About that: Argos is reasonably local to me but seems quite expensive. Any suggestions of anywhere else?

  • The original fork is retained. So can always convert back.

    That's fair. I was being a bit too binary in any case, I've had a look through some of the stockholm fixed guys bikes and they can still look sleek with disk

  • Right another development. Chap I have been chatting to on the train works for Temple bikes who I hadn't heard of before but checking their website they look really decent, proper steel bikes.

    He reckons they powder coat frames £40-£50 a pop and if I wanted a colour they do they could do my frame. May be extra as it will need stripping but that will save a ton of cash.

    Powder coat v paint? If I save money on the frame painting I could chrome the forks.

  • Fwiw the powder coat on my daily/commuter frame has held up really well for a few years.

  • Yeah I am leaning towards it if possible, but judging by their website I have limited options as it would go in with a batch of their bikes, so only the colours they offer. Slate blue would be the pick so far, but I want orange. Still may have to be pragmatic, £40-£50 v £160+

    In other news this arrived today, a third gen Campag Pista crank I mentioned earlier in the thread I wanted. The Steamroller gets to keep the Suginos

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  • 53t ring so little too big for road use so will swap it out for 49/50 probably but stoked to get the cranks.

  • Box of goodies decisions been made. Haven't ordered yet but the getting the disc fork for and frame powdered coated slate blue.

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  • Also rebuilding the beater

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  • It has its own box if tricks and also a ghetto lacquer today

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  • Lacquer looks great! And parts to build it up with

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Razesa Track Frame, Batavus Professional, Surly Steamroller, Vintage Unknown Ratbike

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