• Razesa steel track frame with the most gorgeous teardrop down tube bought from @Miitch offa the forum. Felt compelled to build it up with the parts bin over the weekend and some bits off a stripped frame waiting for a clear coat. Most of the parts won't be sticking around, have bought this wheelset for it already:

    Currently deciding on tyres. Gumwalls? Always look great on black bikes. I also am planning to fit risers with the Jag. I have a clamp on brake and lever for commuting on it (brakeless on the road is not for me, a ruined Benotto pista frame and several scars taught me that). I have been wavering between a Campag Record Pista or Sugino 75 crankset, and am leaning towards the Italian kit. I am also going to change the gearing, as the current 52/19 set out give me a very slack chain without employing a half link. Wanted something more spinney anyway for everyday use. Anyway I built it up because I wanted a swift spin to check the fit/handling and it ended up looking like this:

    Most of this will come back off it, at least in time. Any suggestions for the build are welcome. I am also half-tempted to get it restored and painted, being such a lovely, unique looking frame. Just love that over-sized down tube.

  • very nice! the benotto is the one yougot off peter_v right? I do remember a story related to an unfortunate demise of that frame.. :(

  • regarding cranks ild go for silver 75s with black ring or all black 75s. and seeing campag doesnt come in either black or with a matching black chainring ild lean towards the 75s.. but hell its your biek!

  • Haven't decided on the crankset yet, will leave the fluted Campags on there in the short term, and keep scanning classifieds and ebay to see what comes up. Thinking a black crankset might make the bike too black. Still shopping around for decent gumwalls.

  • looking good! I think I need to sell more frames. The joy of seeing someone else enjoy it is almost as good as owning it in the first place. looking forward to seeing how this ends up. cracking so far!

  • You sold it to @Miitch right? Any idea on its history? I've googled to no avail, and am yet to find any other frame that resembles this one, looks so unique for a steel frame, even got a bit of the 'Dale Track to it. That uniqueness makes me want to take it to Argos for a bit of restoration and some fresh paint on it.

  • awesome frame.

    what colours were you thinking?

  • First thoughts were orange as I have lovely orange steel road bike so it would match. Red bikes are faster though, and it would look great in red.

    Also maybe a sky-blue, perhaps with some sparkles. Too much choice! I'll build it first and ride it for a bit then maybe retire it when the winter gets bad and get it restored as a Christmas present to myself.

  • Ooh yeah.

    Red with sparkles and chrome decals.

  • yeah that´s right I did but tbf I cant really tell you a lot. I got it off a mate whilst living in Spain. Whilst he was studying in BCN he was part of the early days of track bikes becoming more popular there.. friends with the guys at mbp and cream I guess around 2006-7. He took his then frame into his LBS to remove a seatpin and they fucked his seat tube. They replaced it with this Razesa which he was stoked about.. didn't really question much more and enjoyed it for a number of years before i relieved him of it. csb i know ;)

    actually ill see him in mallorca next week so i'll quizz him some more!

  • i love the forks on it, as much as the frame itself is really nicely done, and like you say the tear drop downtube is a definite highlight, those straight forks just set it off!

  • Interesting, nice frame to get as a replacement from the LBS! Yeah the forks are banging too, really suit the frame.

    So remembered I had a random gum wall in the parts bin so slapped it on to see how it looks, along with a few parts from HubJub. Do love the gum walls on it, they look great with the black rims and black frame. Don't like the saucer of a 21t sprocket, so when I get a proper crankset for it (i.e. Not one nicked off another bike) I'll swap that out for something smaller, and a smaller chainring upfront, something like 48/17.

    Also debating the Jag, wondering whether a horizontal quill would look better.

  • Now just need another gumwall! The rear is a Clement Strada, is that decent rubber? Worth gettng a matching front, or get a better pair of tyres?

  • Looking good!

  • Got some bits from the LBS and took it for a spin in the park. Getting rid of that saucerous rear sprocket is a priority, but the gearing is good so now looking for a smaller chainring, if anyone has one. Maybe its a case of getting used to them, but found the Notto risers a little narrow and with too much sweep. Also feel I want a longer, horizontal quill stem for it. Ordering matching front tyre today so won't have the missed-matched wheels for much longer.

    Clearance on the fork.

    Obligatory hound shot. We went racing. He won.

  • Also decided I want to bartape the bars rather than the ODI grips

  • 48/17 is the God Ratio, works perfectly around town, and can do hills perfectly fine.

    Really nice looking frame! Love the chrome fork

  • I may end up with 50/19 as I already have a 19t sprocket and someone on the forum is selling a Campag Pista 50t ring

  • I run a 51/18 and it's perfect for me.

  • On my other bike I went from a 52/19 to a 51/19 and really like the extra spin, so a 50/19 should be spot on I hope.

  • This frame have a nice geometry.
    Nice bike !

  • Cheers mate! Ordered a matching tyre from Winstanleys and been looking forward to it arriving. Got the package last night, thought it looked too small for a tyre and it was just the inner tube I had ordered with it. Checked my emails and lo and behold there is one from Winstanleys saying the item is out of stock and they have contacted their suppliers and will have more on the 30th of October. So flipping annoying as I wanted to finish that part of the build this weekend. Have asked Winstanleys to cancel and refund but looking around there's not many of the Clement tyres out there, in fact I can only find the 28c, which I think might test the clearances to breaking point. But I can swap the 25c from the rear to the front, but whatever happens I can't get the match wheels on this weekend.

    So officially sulking. Going to scour the LBSs in the hope there's one tomorrow, if not order the 28c and wait some more for it. Curses.

  • Still not getting on with the Nitto risers, don't like the sweep back and steepish angle of the grips, ergo fail for Nitto for once. They make it feel like too much is going through my wrists. So anyway I have this:

    Just wondering if someone can tell me the diameter, it's not 25.4 so I'm pretty certain it's 26.

    Seen a Deda quill with removable faceplate on Wiggle, good kit?

  • wondering if someone can tell me the diameter

    almost certainly 25.4

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Razesa Track Frame, Batavus Professional, Surly Steamroller, Vintage Unknown Ratbike

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