Shampoo Free Hair

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  • I gave up shampoo about a year ago - had short hair at the time - didn't even go through a greasy phase, hair adapted pretty quickly. Also (mostly) stopped using deodorant as showering 2-3 times a day. No-one has complained.

  • My hair is chest-length, not been short for getting on for 20 years, although I do consider it regularly, what with all this washing hassle. I did cut about 2" off it yesterday, it was getting straggly.
    In the winter and with it being greasy, it takes forever to dry - washing in the morning I'm finding it still damp when I go to bed (even left loose).
    I'll be student-facing in just over a week, it needs to look vaguely presentable then.

  • Bump anyone else still shampoo free?

  • Ha ha. I just accidentally read your post as referring to your chest hair.

  • I haven't used any shampoo/conditioner in 5+ years. Just wet it in the shower - lukewarm/cold is best but not always. Mainly did it as I had such a dry scalp, removing shampoo (even the expensive ones meant for dry scalp) cleared it up really well. Still gets a bit dry during the winter so I put a bit of coconut oil on from time to time, but won't be going back to shampoo.

  • still shampoo free since '93

  • Shampoo free since 82, ditto hair....

  • Old timers ^, ^^, & ^^^

    Looks like 3 years for me had to check back to start of thread. Brushing/ combing seems to be most important part of it. I rinse hair a few times a week including after pool swim (I wear a swim cap these days too).

  • '93

    'til infinity?

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Shampoo Free Hair

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