Shampoo Free Hair

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  • Anyone on here given up Shampoo?

    In process, finding regular water rinse & combing helping.

    Any tips appreciated, especially from sweaty cap wearing riders.

  • I did once for 6 months. Wasn't pretty due to smelly London. May work in rural areas. I think that the body should eventually clean itself with its own oils

  • Gross

  • in theory* since 1992 i haven't used soap shampoo or any products bar aftershave ( for the good smellz ) on myself

    *i actually shampoo my hair once every three / four months so that i can cut it, makes the hair easier for the clippers to go through, but in between i don't wash it at all
    i have found it to be really easy to keep lustrous and shiny , albeit i keep my hair quite short, a metaller with long headbanging locks might find it harder

    cue the jokes about poor personal hygene and no friends

  • there was something on radio 4 recently about a complete no wash regime
    no shower no soap no shampoo just let the body get on with it

    i shower daily, so get rid of the days grime salt and desperation

  • desperation

    I use a pressure washer for that.

  • the trouble with shampoo free hair, in my case, is that it gets too greasy and unpleasant. Although a simple wash with water cleans it, shampoo adds a nice smell to the hair.

  • I've heard the too greasy thing only lasts a week or two before your scalp gets use to it not getting stripped from shampoo use, but haven't tried it myself.

  • this ^

    shampoo is used in the main part to repair the damage done by using shampoo !
    great way to ensure your product never becomes obsolete

  • low maintenance hairstyle

  • I haven't used shampoo in about 6 months now.

    Hair not greasy in the slightest, although I shower daily and give my scalp a good rinse with hot water.

    I wouldn't go back. My partner likes it too.

  • This is definitely the corner of the internet.

  • Isn't that Sinéad O'Spears?

  • My wife started doing this and encouraged me to do the same. I've got short but thick hair. I probably put a little tiny bit of soap on my hair now maybe once or twice a week but not enough to create a proper lather. Otherwise hot water does the trick. I don't use any gel or stuff like that, so that probably helps.

  • This is the equivalent to a vegetarian suggesting cheese on toast to a vegan

  • You're going to have to walk me through that one

  • shampoo free hair
    only once or twice a week

  • cause vegans don't eat cheese
    unless it's vegan cheese

    dj should have been more specific that it was a non vegan cheese

    can see where the confusion came from

  • I don't really use shampoo either to be honest, I wash my hair with hot water when I shower and I use pomade in my hair and it always works better with a bit of a build up. I don't see anything wrong with it and it's not a conscious thing I do... I worked with a guy a few years ago who hadn't washed his hair for ages

  • Haven't shampoo'd my hair for about 10 years and it couldn't be healthier. I have recently given up using soap except on feet, armpits and's amazing. Really. The human body is an incredibly accomplished organism and has even worked out how to stay clean and smell nice. Without the need for soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, anti-perspirant, eau-de-cologne, foot-spray, after-shave etc etc etc

  • Anyone do shampoo-free with long hair? Only one I know is @skydancer who is saying it's not viable.

    I like the idea of getting away from shampoo... I can tell it's stripping my hair and I use loads of conditioner every time I wash my hair just to get it to feel normal afterwards. I remember a friend at school trying this and giving up after a month of increasingly greasy hair, but then we were teenagers at the time producing an excess of everything.

  • deleted as this thread makes me feel like a hippie

  • nealy 3 years nopoo for me ; )

  • Ah! I suppose the point is that I kind of rub my slightly soapy hands on my hair as part of washing my face. I don't segregate my hair from the rest of my body to ensure a soap-free environment, is what I'm saying. But I don't shampoo my hair.

    Happy to provide pics/vids/sketches.

  • Used to go shampoo-free all the time, but Mrs FJ used to complain hair would smell a little sweaty, so went back to using a tiny bit of shampoo as compromise. It's definitely something you have to break through, takes about 2 weeks for the hair to recover from the shock of no shampoo and start producing the natural oils again, but you definitely need to wash it with warm water more often.

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Shampoo Free Hair

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