• Persona is the login provider we were using. It is shutting down soon. There is nothing I can do about that, but prepare a replacement.

    I have a Plan B, and that is called auth0 (that is "auth zero") and info can be found over here: https://auth0.com

    Essentially it works like this:

    • auth0 will allow you to sign-in using Google, Microsoft, or it will send a code to your email. There is no passsword.
    • auth0 will return to Microcosm with a code
    • Microcosm will check the code on the server, and will get your email address from Google, Microsoft or as a consequence of you having verified your email with auth0 by entering the code emailed to you
    • Microcosm will use the email to find your account and sign-in you in as usual

    The important bits:

    • There is no password
    • We need your email
    • The email must be the same as the one that you use to login already

    I cannot stress that last one enough. If you are signed in already, go view your own profile and you'll see your email on the right hand side. If you sign in with a different (new to us) email, then you get a new account and not the one you expect.

    So long as the email matches, you get signed in to your account.

    If you find that you suddenly have a different account, i.e. that you have become user65798 (or similar) then you should PM me.

    To update your email I will need to know:

    • Who you were (username)
    • Email for the old user (take a guess if you're unsure)
    • Who you are now (though I presume you'll be sending the PM from that account)

    Then I can restore your user to you.

    46% of people sign in via Google and seemingly prefer doing so, if you are changing your email you may want to sign in with a Google Account and then let me know as this is quite convenient in future (gives you the option of Google sign in or the "email me a code" sign in).

  • The auth0 link doesn't work for me

  • Nope - me either

  • Not enough info.

    • Can you see the link?
    • What browser are you using?
    • If Chrome or Firefox, when you F12 debug on a laptop... are there console errors?
    • If there are console errors, what are they?
    • Did you click the link and nothing happened?
    • Or did you click the link, the overlay showed, but nothing happened after you then clicked the next bit? If so, which bit?
  • I'm on IE11. I can see the link. I can click it but nothing happens at all. When I look at the properties of the link it doesn't appear to have any

  • Firefox:

    checked code, link has no href attribute.

    console shows no errors.

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  • Thanks, I'll test IE when I get home later (no Windows at work).

  • Ah... it's using an event hook.

    Maybe it needs a href even though that is valid HTML (as an anchor).

  • it's using an event hook.

    Yeah I thought so, but I would have thought that would have triggered an error onclick for whatever reason that is preventing the event from being handled properly.

  • Console errors in Chrome (regular not private browsing):

    https://www.lfgss.com/static/3rd/auth0/l­ock-passwordless/2.2.3/lock-passwordless­.min.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
    (index):1024 Uncaught ReferenceError: Auth0LockPasswordless is not defined

  • Think I just fixed that.

  • Seemed to work for me. Is there a way to change email for an account? This account is registered with googlemail.com but now sign into everything else with gmail.com so it signed me into a userXXX account rather than this one?

  • I suspect I'm going to have to build a change email function, and then fix it for people by resetting stuff.

    In the meantime, try entering the email on here into the box and being sent the code.

    Also, specifically for gmail and googlemail, I'm going to match accounts based on an email that has no . or + and is all lowercase, and whose domain becomes gmail.com ... even if the original sign-up account was foo.bar+lfgss@googlemail.com I'll match based on foobar@gmail.com because there's just too much variance in Google email.s

  • Fixed the 404 thing and the not defined thing.

    Not sure why the 404 happened, but checked and it's working.

    The undefined thing, I've moved the click handler into a document.ready.

  • ReferenceError: Auth0LockPasswordless is not defined
    Line 1024

  • Firefox seems to be looking for this


    but it's getting a 404.

  • Getting different errors now when I click on the link (which now appears as a link)

    GET https://www.lfgss.com/static/3rd/auth0/l­ock-passwordless/2.2.3/lock-passwordless­.min.js
    http://www.lfgss.com/:1032 GET https://www.lfgss.com/static/3rd/auth0/l­ock-passwordless/2.2.3/lock-passwordless­.min.js 404 ()
    (index):1056 Uncaught ReferenceError: Auth0LockPasswordless is not defineddocument.getElementById.onclick @ (index):1056

  • When you click on it do you get a 404?

  • PS: Super annoyingly... unauthenticated pages are cached for 5 minutes.

    Which means, sometimes when I say "fixed" it actually means "fixed in 5 minutes".

  • Ok.

    Email in the box and code works. OSX, Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit), Private browsing. Will have a go on other devices after lunch. Quick/slick - easier to understand what's happening compared to Persona.

    Doubled checked the "sign in with Google" and regardless of gmail/googlemail once I've logged into that account it keeps signing me into the account associated with gmail. Stupid google crap.

  • Yeah. I do. Sure it's been five minutes, too.

    edit: doesn't seem to work on Safari either.

  • I've got rid of the link... just now.

    Replaced it with a button that looks like a link. Buttons are what we actually use to trigger sign-up, and sod fighting with the event model when that's not what I'm testing.

  • Clearly a wild success. One person has signed in ;)

  • Posting from Safari Version 9.1.2 (10601.7.7) on desktop using email input into box

  • The 404 has gone, but I still get this

    ReferenceError: Auth0LockPasswordless is not defined
    Line 1055

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New login stuff, if your username changed and you need your email updating let me know

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